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  1. He's doing well mate
  2. Cheers lads really pleased with her couple rabbits today
  3. He's doing well mate finally managed to get back on here
  4. Just a few pics of my female Harris 4th season been concentrating mostly on hares she started off at 2lb 10
  5. Hi mate her father is a Russian x albidous keith sherry bird and her mother is a Siberian albidous imported bird
  6. Imprinting this white female Siberian albidous for a friend also got the pleasure of flying it for a few months try and iron out any bad habits before he gets it the Joy's
  7. Nice shooting mate the 1mm rockets them 11 mm steel
  8. Yes mate his are good all his stuff is
  9. I bought it from ebay with the intention of copying it easy made by the looks of it
  10. Yes I like the idea of that smart gos aswell
  11. What tail guards do people use on there goshawks my prefered method is tail plectrum or marshall crimps and dpc tail guard, also how do use keep birds while flying on raptor post, bow perch or ring perch I prefer raptor post only down side is they cant get to water.
  12. No mate not as of yet anyway are you looking for one paul burns should have some young this year can usually get a 3/4 no problems it's the 50/50s that have a waiting list
  13. She was at 3lb 1 1/2 today was going to take her lamping last night but crashed out on couch she goes through cover like a brick
  14. Cheers mate had her following on great today and she took that rabbit in style hit it like a steam train she killed it on impact I think
  15. Couple pictures from today
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