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  1. Hello Mark

    I am interested on a shroud for the artemis P15.

    Do you have any email  / Phone to contact you?

    Thanks Rene

  2. Krico

    New FX

    Hello Phil I live in Switzerland. Almost no one knows about PCP here, even the owners of the gunshops arround here. So all information I have is the internet. On dealer imports the fx guns. I could hold all of his collection in the hand and discuss all about. No footpound regulation here, but strictly forbidden are silencers for all kind of guns...For me the Crown fitted best for my needs. I like to shoot indoor 10m and backyard up to 30-40m. My old springer drives me crazy, no good grouping even at 10m. I tried different pellets and styles to shoot, no sucess. So I would like to go for an affordable pcp. But if you like a good stuck, trigger and a scope of quality it is getting over the 1000 bugs mark. I am not in an hurry and I will wait for the right gun and a good deal.. Cheers Rene
  3. Krico

    New FX

    Any news from the Dreamline in 2019 ? Rene
  4. Hello lads I am looking for a shroud for the artemis p15. Mark Dempsey makes wonderful moderators. Can anyone help me to find Mark Dempsey contact / website? Thanks a lot! Rene from Switzerland
  5. Hello 

    I am looking for a mark dempsey silencer. Do you have ani information email etc.?

    Cheers Rene


  6. Krico

    mark dempsey

    I am also looking to get mark dempsey contact (email, website etc.) Cheers Rene
  7. Hello I am Rene from Switzerland. I am new on PCB airgun. Do have an old springer aus some cal. 22 Rifles. Looking foreward to gether informations for getting the rightpcb rifle. Most I shoot indoors 10m. But also in the backyard would be up to 40m possible. The rifle should be very quiet. My suggest so far is the Artemis P15 with Mark Dempsey shroud. Can anyone give me an advice how to find the website from Mark Dempsey ? Any suggestions about the scope (from 9m up to infinity...) Parallaxe Sidewheel, Mildot, FFP or SFP? (BTW: Krico is my german rifle Remington 222) Cheers Rene