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  1. j j m

    Ftao walshie

    sorry to hear this bud
  2. j j m

    people putting in for fac

    like people say different forces deal with it in different ways,i know my mate lost his because his ex was a bitter twa, and made a call saying he was suffering from depression and should not hold a licence they acted on that which is fair enough
  3. j j m

    vinny joneses wife dies

    no bother mate,happy hunting
  4. j j m

    how much food can one man eat

    that looks about right mackem mate,looking forward to getting back to dubai I love the palm
  5. j j m

    people putting in for fac

    often wondered how hard it was to get it as like I said saw loads of people on different forums saying putting in for my fac then nothing else said,i know my mate lost his after his wife left him and he got put on pills for depression that was enough to revoke his
  6. j j m

    Anyone no where I can buy these

    the bay
  7. off to dubai on Tuesday and my best mate big shaun t is looking after my house for me so our lass is filling freezer and fridge for him,the greedy fecker eats more in 2 days then I do in a week,but at least I know the house will be safe ha ha
  8. on lots of forums not just this one you hear people saying im putting in for my fac,one or 2 tell you they got it but no body ever puts up they never got it and the reason why they never got it,it could help others out before they fill the forms inn
  9. j j m

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    I don't think the judge was happy he turned up late for sentencing,not a good idea to pi,s the judge off before your sentenced,ah well lets hope he went with his soap on a rope
  10. j j m


    look a nice bit of kit
  11. j j m

    vinny joneses wife dies

    I think more money should be put in to cancer researche instead of sending so much abroard and helping other countrys
  12. j j m

    vinny joneses wife dies

    same to you bud
  13. j j m


    just saw this r.i.p
  14. j j m

    rapid mk1 in 20 cal

    jon your problaby right mate,but hopefully I will gel with it I loved my falcon in 20 cant for the life of me remember why I sold that it was a beuty
  15. j j m

    vinny joneses wife dies

    hopefully one day we will get a cure longers mate