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  1. op-herrick

    lomond pike fishing

    Ice and snow now on the Lomond. Pike will be deep until this cold snap goes. In response to request from RABID, anywhere around BALMAHA is Pike spawing ground. Many fisherman from ENGLAND are waiting on the Pike moving in. As a local I have to admit this is a chance to hook a 30 .Gord Burton the piking pirate is on video hooking a 30. My best is 26. As I live near the Lomond I don,t travel to many other lochs in Scotland. Loch fad, Loch ken, but nothing touches the Lomond for surprises. 3lb perch on roach dead bait, big old trout on roach dead bait. Forget sea baits, yes they work, use natural and you might be surprised. Permits are now required for course fishing, I'm against it but i't,s just the way it is. Loch Lomond bailiffs will be around [ it can be busy around Balmaha,] As for photos RABID, Iv'e never had anything big enough to boast about.
  2. op-herrick

    lomond pike fishing

    anybody thinking of fishing the Lomond for pike in the next few weeks? near or far I can give weather reports. February is the month I usually go fishing. we have had mild weather here this month . if February is not too cold the pike will spawn early. we have had no snow or bad cold weather these last few weeks. if the weather doesn't plummet we might have some good fishing . daily updates over the next few weeks if there's interest. message me and I will look out the window, if the river leven is flooding and there's ice on my roof when i'm taking the grandson to school forget it. i'm not a weather reporter , just a pike fisherman [ so many people are just fishermen of pike ] the loch Lomond angling bollocks bailiffs will be freezing their tits off to ask you for permits, please make a donation ,even if they don't give a shit you are fishing while pike are spawing, [try that when the salmon are spawing and they will jump up and down on the spot, weight themselves and stick there thumbs up there arse and say we are the loch Lomond angling improvement association bailiffs and we can spell each other's names.]
  3. op-herrick

    Guard dogs

    postman is scared of my yappy maltese , neighbors not sure of the lab when my wife says [ watch ] and he sits and looks at you , roe deer shit themselves if I let the saluki x off the lead. but the best guard in my house is the wife barking, then we all shit ourself.
  4. op-herrick

    real lurcher owners

    my oldest daughter bought a maltese, [ for my grandson] dog lives in my house, daughter works full time, grandson goes to school with grandad [ me ] I have owned terriers that go to ground, but nothing is as yappy and crazy as this. [ grandad gets the blame for this ball of fur being crackers ] the lab and the lurcher are timid compared with this psycho. £800 a pup maybe i'll give up the lurchers.
  5. op-herrick

    Lab x grey

  6. op-herrick

    real lurcher owners

  7. op-herrick

    real lurcher owners

    just joined this forum again after a absence of a couple of years. seems to be a lot of name calling and slagging. might be my age, but you can tell the lurcher man from the I know everything chancer. been this way in the lurcher world for years. just thought I would add that my jack Russell killed 2 alligators swimming down the river leven yesterday. honest £££.
  8. op-herrick

    Nice little river

    I fish for pike mostly, as I am near loch Lomond. but a secret location on the river endrick [ which is a tributary to loch Lomond] holds salmon and sea trout at certain times of the year. great fishing if your fishing for roach and not expecting a rod pull with 4lb hook length. kamasan animal hooks and braid with worm you've got a chance. they all go back as I only want roach for my freezer for winter fishing. took me years to find this spot, and we don't tell anybody a'bout these now do we?
  9. op-herrick

    Lab x grey

    posted on here 2 years ago, this was my pup of choice. my lab is now 4 years old, from working stock, leggy and has worked with a saluki x greyhound all his life. the saluki is now 11 years old. this year the lab will be crossed over a track greyhound. these animals are big and can be a handful, [ I owned one back in my youth in the 70s] I will post pics over the next couple of weeks. powerful, obedient, natural hunters. never catch a hare. but anything bigger is fare game. my black lab is also a brilliant watch-dog. good to be back on this forum .