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  1. Dont be jealous lads... how comes your giving me shit. You was messaging me a few months ago. Sorry I didnt reply my life is busy.
  2. We split up but working things out now, me and ella are just mates and shes fine with that.
  3. Good enough for lamping rabbits. I think I would miss alot if I didnt have the thermal.
  4. I'm getting more used to using it but I do struggle to spot stuff with it. Not sure if it's my eyes. I know ella sees stuff I dont. I dont like the idea of it have a metal body ( gets really cold) and a glass lense, not sure if it would break if dropped. But I like how you can change beam from a spot to a wider beam. It's meant to last 2 hours with the one battery.
  5. New video of PUNCH lamping rabbits using the nightsaber alpha v2 lamp.
  6. Cheers fellas. Still abit camera shy. Got some good vids coming up.
  7. Had a brilliant day out with dad ferreting on some local ground as a local landowner wants some rabbit thinning outas hes planning on planting some trees around his fishing lakes. We decided to leave the dogs at home but will be taking them next time. Landowner bought us a takeaway pub lunch and beer which went down a treat. He also enjoyed getting involved with the ferreting as he also enjoys his fieldsports. We missed alot of rabbits but still caught 9 which the landowner took to his friends butcher shop. This should make a good video I hope. The fjall raven trousers have been a god send fer
  8. Hi guys this was a brilliant trip to the Dale's. I hope you enjoy it. Please drop me a like and subscribe too. Cheers guys
  9. I dont know anything about them tbh. I'm hoping to get out with these guys again. These birds were both young ones.
  10. Thank you. It suits me tbh. Just working for a couple weeks then I will be off again somewhere.
  11. It's a new one I'm going to be making a video about it. But it's called a lightsabre alpha v2. So far so good. However I do use the thermal so I couldnt say how long it would last but apparently 2 - 20 hours depending on what power you use. Great beam though. I need a wider beam for filming tbh but this is ideal for long range lamping and you can adjust the beam to a wider beam if you prefere that. If you do decide to buy one let him know you seen it on my video. NIGHT SABER ALPHA V2 HAND LAMP NOW IN STOCK WWW.LUDICROUS-LUMENS.CO.UK THE ALL NEW IMPRO
  12. Hi guys heres a new video. I had a week hunting rabbits with the dogs ferrets and hawks. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for looking. Full video coming soon.
  13. Thankyou mate. Wish I filmed more of everything else but always next time.
  14. Also any revenue this video makes I will happily donate it at the next competition next year. ?
  15. I had a brilliant weekend guys thanks for making me feel welcome. Met some lovely people, caught some fish and enjoyed the free bbq and beer every night. Thankyou to everyone who mucked in to make it a great weekend. I will certainly be returning next year. It will be great to see you all again. Video coming soon.
  16. New video. Please watch and drop us a like. Thankyou
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