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  1. f**k him anyway. What's your opinion on him calling someone a paedo? You live by the sword and die by it where I come from! You are one of the good ones pal and I'm sorry it has to resort to this but check the threads and you will see what's what. Like I said, I'm asking PETER to step up to the plate and be a man, if you can call someone a paedo on here then do it man to man, is that too much to ask?
  2. Well it looks like Pete has gone mute all of a sudden. You see you folk can't see the wood for the trees. He just can't leave me alone. Once he's sobered up and stopped talking to his imaginary friends I'm sure we will get the old Pete back that everybody knows and loves. Well I guess that's bed time, enjoy your night gents.
  3. Oh my heart bleeds for him, I guess that makes it right about level with calling a complete stranger a paedo. Don't get your knickers in a twist, if Pete wants to sort it he knows exactly what to do.
  4. Pete's hightailed it out of here now the Don has entered the building. Please do explain that story you conjured up in that twisted head of yours. I know you said you was having a few tinnies but God almighty Pete.
  5. Old Pete is biting like the scabby flea he is........
  6. Knock knock Pete, I'll be your huckleberry.
  7. Best ignore Pete pal he's been talking to his imaginary friends again, he's really convinced he knows who I am but he's way off, just like his breath.
  8. Pete considering you have to con your son to get naked by telling him his clothes have ghosts in them you have some need to talk........
  9. Right ladies I'm going to have to leave you for the weekend, spend your giros wisely and I'll see you on Monday. Hopefully at least one of you will have found your balls, ttfn sweeties.............
  10. That's it Pete have a good swill to escape the hardships of your shitty life. Do your family proud son.
  11. Listen mate don't bring me down to your standards, i heard you tried to sell your own flesh and blood on eBay with the colouring book.
  12. No mate you're pulling your own pants down if you believe that silly imagination of yours.
  13. Big Wally has found some courage now I'm long gone from his town after knowing full well where I've been all week...........
  14. Probably the same person looking after your son while you play on an hunting forum all day and night.
  15. Haven't you got better things to do, set traps, take pictures, smell dog shit, take screen shots of pug marks off Google, get witness accounts, talk absolute bollocks, get abducted by aliens, talk with Elvis, dribble down your chin, escape the nut house etc..........
  16. As my friend Scotty eloquently put it, shouldn't you be dead yet? It's well past your sell-by-date you silly old fool.
  17. Treat em mean and keep em keen Wideload, how do you keep your Tamagotchi?
  18. I treat my dogs like you treat your women, rough.......
  19. Easy, he holds her down whilst i slip it in......... We will be back during the week Pete for round 2, leave the door on the latch.
  20. A bit better than the 1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4..........
  21. Out of likes so you get a Blue Peter badge instead........
  22. Who? The poachers on your land?
  23. It's part of the bigger plan, Farage is the perfect bad guy........
  24. Aren't all politicians just for show?
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