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  1. Bobcmac

    Shooting locations

    Thanks guys, still looking, not giving up just yet, regards
  2. Bobcmac

    Shooting locations

    Hi, just a snap, still looking.
  3. Hi, just asking if you sold the gun cabinet, regards bobc

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    2. Bobcmac


      Hi jok, thanks for the message, no I haven't got one yet, but you are a little far away, postage would be expensive I expect.  Give me a price delivered, regards bobc

    3. jok


      Morning Bob. It would be too much mate. However, thr's a guy on the site who comes up this way for work. I'll have a word. ATB. Jok.

    4. Bobcmac


      Ok, let me know the price. Regards

  4. Bobcmac

    Shooting locations

    Hi, thanks for the welcome, I was confused there for a while, the fools and horses quote threw me off. Regards
  5. Hi guys, Having lost my vermin shooting location I am looking for new opportunities in and around Kidderminster area, however, I am willing to travel a reasonable distance. I am available most days and keen to maybe share with others. If you have anything please let me know. I will answer all replies. Regards bobc