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  1. Sounds like youll have some good shooting in the near future philpot, weve had some good shooting on our peas(86, 51, 42 & 55) since last time I posted but now they have cleared all the peas off the top they dont seem to be that interested in the 3" shoots.
  2. Went out for a look round this afternoon found a fair few on drilled barley but nothing at all on a couple of recently drilled pea fields. CSFS.
  3. Tailings are a good duck feed and very cheap n'all, we get ours from a couple of farms and usually they just want to get rid.
  4. Hi, anyone going this year ,& is it worth a visit??
  5. Hello, Looking forward to having a look round this site and hopeully picking up a tip or two. Cheers CSFS
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