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  1. It really is each to their own when feeding a dog, the small bones will not be a problem just as long as theyre not cooked. My AB gets minced whole prey pheasent now and again feathers and all. If youre concerned about the bones then mince them until he gets older, but thats my opinion
  2. Thank you guys, I shall take all advice on board, your input is valued, I shall inform you of any damage done to my thumb in due course
  3. Cheers fellas, I've looked at them Barnett diablos, and for target practice in the yard would be cool, I'm now on a few catapult fb groups, one in particular "catapult addicts uk" do some incredible bespoke cats.
  4. Thanks Barry white, I remember the black widows from the same era, got them from the local fishing tackle shop. Should of kept it up instead of getting up to mischief
  5. Thanks guys, I've checked YouTube and from watching the vids on there searched google and came up with some interesting sites, one being ukpreppers, which lead me to pro shot catapults. Bit late for xmas stocking filler but will invest in one in new year DB
  6. Hi I'm new to the hunting life and am interested in using catapult out in the country. I shoot for fun (and stress management) crossbows but would like to use a catapult out in the fields and was wondering which you lads would recommend? DB
  7. Hi, was here before but before my feet hit the ground I unfortunately hit a bad time, so would just like to say hello (again). Am interested in terriers and because of that bad time I find I have a lot more of time on my hands DB
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