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  1. bob4026

    Loss Of A Pet

    Hi, Lost our pet greyhound a couple of years ago and I still have a little moment now and then. They do become part of the family. I suppose it's the fact that the love they give back is as close to unconditional as you can get. ATB Bob
  2. Hi Davyt Just saved these to my desktop, to alter slightly to suit their destination, before sending them out. Very decent of you to share the info I must say. Been spoiled in the past having plenty of military land to shoot on, without worrying about permission, but now i'm retired, shooting land is hard to come by. I'm certain these will help, so a big thanks to you. ATB Bob
  3. bob4026

    New In Town...

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. I'll be off to the air rifle hunting section for most of my time here. Don't do much around dogs (although I own a greyhound) but as luck would have it I was offered a days shooting over dogs only yesterday, so I will see how that pans out and report back in the appropriate section. Cheers ATB Bob
  4. bob4026

    New In Town...

    Hi everyone, Just registered on here. Been a member of WOC for a few years and recently the AAOC. Found myself working less and with more time to shoot so hoping to get started on getting some permission (with your advice) and getting back to providing rabbits for the table again. Been spoilt in the past and had free access to many army camps with plenty of land to shoot on, but those days are gone now. So i'll be doin it the hard way... Anyway, good to meet you all, and please be gentle with the new boy... ATB Bob