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  3. HA HA HA HA, thanks for the offer, but Im on the straight bus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If I had £1,500,000.00, i would block 3039 from my phone and be lay on a beach with a plethera of sexy flunkies passing me chilled beer , whilst particating in activities that are illegal between 2 consenting adults in sweden!!!
  5. A couple of gents off here have been in touch, (one being a mate of craigs) so hopefully I will have the opportunity to speak to Brian soon, fingers crossed
  6. Hello Gents, hope all are fit and well, I've had a few of Brian's dogs over the years, and got to know him fairly well, ( I concreted his kennels one night while I had lads on a job on the M6 at the side of his house) I found him to be friendly and genuine. Well as time went by, I lost his contact number, has anyone got a contact, just to see how the old boys doing You can private message me
  7. Thanks for the heads up regarding removing my phone number( bit of a numpty thing yo do in the first place) I've removed it now, can you delete your post as its shows my original message as a quote and that still has my number in pal, much appreciated Thanks again pal
  8. Good evening all. I owned and worked terriers for over 20 years, when my last owd lass gave up the mortal chains, I had decided to settle down to normal life, after being a director of a civil engineering company,and retiring in my forties I've now decided that settling down to a normal life just ain't for me ha ha I need a little help, my last couple of terriers came from nuttall stock, good little game dogs, who did all that was asked of them. I am looking for for a patterdale pup or not, from good stock, to get me of my arse, let's me honest, there's only so many making stu
  9. Based in Mid Cheshire- I will getpics up when I've worked out how to do it!! Thanks Jake
  10. M reg 94/95- 4x4 commercial Trooper 3.1 dti SWB - a genuine soild workhorse for spare or repair only for sale due to new jeep arriving....otherwise I would be keeping her and doing the work myself because she has NEVER let me down Fantastic towing vehicle.......3.1tdi engine will get you where a mountain goat would struggle this old girl has been daily for the last 5 years with no problems what so ever she is ideal for dogs/fishing/work/equestrian/outdoor pursuits etc etc etc she is untidy and needs work done for the next MOT she needs a new back exhaust priced at £60 1 new tyr
  11. how the f**k do you work that out? well please come forth with your objective view, or has you just nothing more intelligent to say? If I wanted to listen to an arsehole I'd fart, so if your not interested, f**k off. :realmad:
  12. Is no-one interested? it'll go on ebay at £130 Buy it now, so if anyone's interested give me a bell
  13. yeah I think so, to be honest, It's getting on my nerves moving in and out of the sheds evertime I want something!!!I swear the little shit (my Lad) puts it where he think it'll piss me off the most
  14. My lad has had this bike for over 12 month and used it about 4 times, so after many warnings to either use it or Im selling it because it's always in my bloody way, It's going the last time he was out on it was before xmas so it's been stood a month or so, I can't start it, because I don't know how, Ive tried ever combination of petrol on, choke on, switch on (which doesn't show you off or on, which has thrown me to f**k) anyway I can assure you , It does run if you know how. theres nothing wrong with it apart from the accelarator handle needed tightening, thats it!!! I just want it out of my
  15. After years of working with the old deben, ive dragged myself kicking and screaming into the 21st century and just picked up a B&F, after buggering about with it, Ive sussed the search Button out (self explanitory) anyway just to ask you genius's of the techno world *What is the flag button for? *whats the ? button for? *whats the angled arrow button for? The box and collar came without the blue book(whatever that is) so Im having a bit of stumbling gettin it sorted as Im playing out tomoorow Thats in advance lads Jake
  16. the only border in her is bordering on psychotic!!! , she's one of them dogs who is no problem in or out of the kennels, never hear her to be honest, but when she's on the game, she's switched on, a good little bugger to have around , I find nothing worse than a dog that screams in the kennel but when it time to work, bottles out!!!waste of good food
  17. Good looking dog that! is he border x patt or has he just got a short nose!?! not that it matters cos hes obviously doing whats asked of him!! cheers Molie pure black, just a stubby faced bugger, like you rightly said does her job, very well !! cheers Jake
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