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  1. I am highly interested in joining you killer as I'm looking on starting off to gain exsperience but Whitby is bit far me I live in Liverpool
  2. RamJam

    A Mornin On The Docks

    Alright Tom , what actuall dock are you shootiny on ? Inwork on the docks its self and have few perms on there
  3. RamJam

    Hw 100 Discussion

    I only wish to purchase one today ! But gotta get a few more pennies a side then I'll have one
  4. RamJam

    Hw 100 Discussion

    Firstly I would like you thank all you lads for your honest and formal opinions, secondly you all have 100% conviced me to purchase one can't wait to handle the beastly Hw and put a few pellets through it !. Cheers aswell lads for welcoming me to this forum still fairly new but thanks a lot for the guidance
  5. RamJam

    Hw 100 Discussion

    Hahaha listen Jon am working on it don't make me more jealous than I already am
  6. RamJam

    Hw 100 Discussion

    Must admit it's the best looking pcp I've came across I really need to get down to my local shop and get a feel of one , they don't half look the business realy lovely finish on the stock !! All this talk makes me want one ever more I would to a part of this "twat club "
  7. I've heard a lot about this rifle and its gets a lot of of positive right ups on the Internet and plus between you gents, just curious to know why it's so popular amongst shooters and what is it you lads personally love about it Reason for this post is I'm in 2 minds weather to buy one come summer Cheers fellers
  8. RamJam

    Merseyside Derby

    Great result for the red men ! Anyone know if origi is out for a while after that crunch last night ?
  9. RamJam

    Help With Working My Parsons Terrier

    Yes mate the problem is catch/kill but your comment is notes and I will post in that section cheers
  10. evening guys Just a quick one I have a 5 year old energetic terrier I would like to work, I have had him since he's was a pup I got him from a working farm who also bred terriers there , he is well trained and well behaved round other dogs, Any chance he gets near a rabbit or any vermin he's off giving chase like a rocket but i don't what this problem is every time he gets near the prey its like he loses interests and doesn't want to carry on, is this down to never been worked before and the time has done him damage seeing as he is 5 years old and haven't been worked from the start ??
  11. RamJam

    Hello From St Dennis Cornwall

    What a opportunity to offer ! Top gentleman if only I could snap it up
  12. RamJam

    Hello From Liverpool

    Sorry guys just like to re-phrase that ( days shooting ) I actually mean a days shooting as if it was yourself shooting and me tagging along as a second man , I don't intend on shooting on anyone else's perms at this moment in time I would like to I think I can earn some respect first before I open fire
  13. Alright gents, my name is James I am new to this sport and very interested in what people have to say and hopefully pass on some guided help and experience to me , I firstly bought my first .22 air rifle ( Gamo camo rocket ) I feel like it's a good start for now and also insured . Like i said I am new and would be very grateful if you lads could show me the ropes and arrange a days shooting with me as I probably struggle to get permission at this moment in time I am willing to travel for the experience , cheers guys thanks very much