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  1. 34 minutes ago, Councilestatekid said:

    Had a go at pad ka pow was in-between OK and shite made 2 much liquid not spicy enough and taste just not there even the rice was bland haha 😆 edible but will do better next time

    That sounds like Muay Thai training :laugh:

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  2. 57 minutes ago, Francie said:

    400 billion was spent on covid in two years,where the f**k has the money gone?

    I'm sure that money could have got a couple of new hospitals an equipment to help the sick people,or I'd that to much common sense?

    Someone should be getting a serious bollocking over that track and trace cobblers.


    If the ordinary man makes a financial mistake, HMRC hounds him to the grave to claw it back.

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  3. I reckon it'll all be over soon :yes:


    They'll stop the pressure for vaccines and, the firms that have been going all stasi on people will end up looking silly.


    The holiday countries will do away with all of their entry requirements when it starts to hit them in the pocket over the summer........ We're already seeing it with a couple.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, TOMO said:

    yep bang on ...

    a young fella i know grew 8 weed plants....yes you read that right 8....when cops raided his house they found a a stun gun ...and some peper spray.....he had a job and had never been in trouble with the law ever....

    he was honestly a nice lad...no gangster or real criminal.....not even a ruff kid came from a nice family ...like i say a good kid...just liked a smoke 

    the judge gave him 5 years......for fucks sake...... first offence

    That's how it is mate - one rule for them.........

  5. Dirty scumbag - and there's still people out there that will try to tell you that the BBC isn't riddled with paedophiles and perverts :thumbdown:


    Anyone else would be serving time just for the stun guns and CS gas that they found at his house.

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  6. 1 hour ago, tatsblisters said:

    I can never get my head around the sycophantic obsession ordinary folk have for Royals and all the other privileged Lords Duke's and Earls it used to make me feel like spewing up years ago when i went beating to hear peasants calling them sir and your lordships it wouldn't bother me if they were all wiped out tomorrow.

    I like having a royal family - I think the queen had done well over her life and, I think William and Kate will be good for the top job.


    I can't say that I've ever met many Lords or sirs apart from Lord somebody that lives near Cirencester - he was a complete prick and, fully deserved the language and contempt that I gave him.

     .......... Judge the man in front of you :thumbs:

  7. 9 minutes ago, Nicepix said:

    We were there just after the Balkans wars. Beautiful lake and scenery but the people barely smiled. They were all like zombies. That conflict had knocked the stuffing out of them. Don't know what it is like now, but on our 'to do' list for when I hang up the mole traps and retire - again.

    They'll probably be exacly the same towards you :laugh:

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