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  1. 11 minutes ago, jetro said:

    Concrete jonjon.

    Maybe I'd be just as well off to lift them and clean the adhesive as best I can.

    Atb j 

    If I was doing the job, I'd take up the old ones first - if there's only 1 layer of tiles down already and they're all sound, you could go straight over the top. It'll make the job quicker and cleaner.

    As has already been said, you might need to sort the clearance on a door or 2.


    If you take them up, depending how rough you leave the floor, you might want to put down a leveling compound before tiling - if you go that route, use a tilers primer  (not PVA) over the new surface before tiling.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Rickshaw swami said:

    Honestly it doesn't taste as good as people says 😂

    I prefer sweet tea in my jar.

    Shine did help pay my way to several dog shows across the country.Take a couple jugs and pay for your trip.It is fun watching the Yankees get plastered at a dog show while I sipped beer 😂


    3 minutes ago, jetro said:

    We make our own moonshine here, called poitín, when made right it's lovely, 

    Can really get some lads rilled up LOL 

    Atb j 

    My mate went to Ireland years ago to visit family. When he asked about Poitin, he was told 'we don't know about that around here' - the next morning, there was a couple of bottles of it on his doorstep.


    He rang me that night - I couldn't understand a feckin word he said :laugh:

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Ted Newgent said:

    I despise drinking out of jam jars. Every time I get served a drink over here I demand a proper glass

    fcjn septic tank bad etiquette 

    drink - glass

    jam - jar 

    It's not a real jar you pretend yank :laugh:

     .......... it's some fake bollocks that I got with a bottle of Southern Confort a few Christmases ago.


    And If you diss my jar again, I'll stamp on a packet of Quavers :whistling:  :laugh:












    Ps, my offer still remains  :good:

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  4. Spare a thought me fellas - still on furlough on full pay, sat under a parasol with a horrible cold drink in the burning sun.


    It's murder I tell you - when the sun starts to set and the smell of honeysuckle and jasmin drift up the garden, the only consolation I have is a rum and ice to keep me going :no:


    How degrading and an affront to my human rights that I occasionally have to get up to go for a pee or get something to eat .

    ....... there's even been 2 occasions when I've had to stop looking at at THL 😮


    Anyway, just £3 a month from all of you will keep me going with that nice orange juice from the local Co-OP :yes:




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  5. That doesn't look good, the way those carriages are laying - hopefully there's no serious injuries 🤞


    We haven't seen anything of the storms round here yet - the weather report says it's due around mid afternoon. 

     .......... to be honest, I hope we get a good one - I do like thunder and lightening, especially after a few hot days :yes:

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  6. I haven't seen much of it this way for a while  - we get a lot of bees over the back gardens, a swarm of flying ants at a local sports club, the odd fly in the kitchen.  It's been months since I took a tick off the dogs.


    Maybe I'm just a sour ol' c**t and they don't like me - I'm not complaining. 

  7. 33 minutes ago, Greyman said:

    Anyone else used to throw it in the bonfire and watch it explode as a kid, what fun we had before H and S ruined everything 🤔

    I was an 80s kid - we threw fireworks and aerosol cans on bonfires :D


  8. Personally I wouldn't want to cut or break any of it - I'd wet it, remove it carefully then wrap it in the bags.

     ......... use a decent wide gaffer tape if you need to wrap the sheets in more than 1 bag.


    When it's all done, bung the suit, mask and gloves in another bag and let the council take the lot.

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  9. It might be a simpleton answer but, I'm still using a bog standard NS Viper kit - the rabbits on my permissions do get used to the red light on the kit (especially if I've missed them a few times :duh: ) so, I watch them right on the edge of the screen while I walk into them.


    Depending on the distance, I sometimes turn the NV off for a good few steps while I creep in closer.


    Hope this helps Jimmy :thumbs:

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