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  1. There's nothing racist about it - you do not need a whole load of low caste Haitians setting up there own communities in your towns :no:

     ........ life is cheap to them and, they are vicious b*****ds when they kick off - the violence in Haiti is well documented. 


    The best thing you can do is run them back over the border asap.

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  2. 18 hours ago, chartpolski said:

    I've thought for years that we should have given more weight to relations with the Anglophone world, and the Commonwealth, than to the EU.

    It looks like it is now happening.


    My thoughts exactly :yes:


    f**k the French and the whole EU - we've got better friends in the world.

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  3. 57 minutes ago, chartpolski said:

    They are using a new tactic this morning; running in front of moving traffic on the M25 to make them brake.

    This looks, to me, like a deliberate attempt to cause accidents.

    Now, I don't mind if a few of them get flattened, but what about the drivers that may hit them ? 

    It could ruin their lives, but hey, what does that matter to these lunatics, as long as they get the attention they crave.......


    That's pure lunacy - surely they can be prosecuted for that.

     ........ makes you wonder when they'll start throwing concrete blocks off of the bridges.

  4. 42 minutes ago, Rickshaw swami said:

    Mr Wilf 

    I have nothing in common with people from those big cities.Every Sunday 20 plus members of my family gather for Sunday dinner.Most businesses  are still closed on Sunday.Every man and most women have a gun in their pocket and a distrust of big brother.We open doors for ladies.We say yes mam or someone will correct you.If you use the f word in public around our women you will be asked to leave.We still pray at football games and rodeos.The rebel flag still flies here and there is a statue of a Confederate  soldier at our local courthouse.I don't want to lose my way of life.I don't want to be Americanized anymore than yall do.

    Sounds perfect :good:


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  5. 11 hours ago, mushroom said:

    You need to change ya tipple mate... try LSD or mushies, I guarantee you'll find thee answer there 😂

    I tried mushrooms once, years ago - the f***ing things left me all philosophical for about 3 days :laugh:

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Greb147 said:

    That's not the doctors or medical sciences fault though mate, doctors makes it known that eating shite and being obese is bad for you. 

    Yes, I get that mate - I'm saying it's a kind of double edged sword.

     ......... The scientific advancements and, the unhealthy lifestyles - both are on the increase and, I think, both are something that needs to be kept a very close eye on.

  7. 1 hour ago, VOON said:

    Met with a vaccine company yesterday on tying in products with them….

    technology in Vaccines is seriously advanced at a immunological level…Blocking receptors that hide cancer cells in the body…..Serious Mind Boggling stuff worth Multi Billions of business a year…

    Preventative therapy is the holy grail….

    I hear what you're saying but, something about that just doesn't sit right with me - I know that things advance but, I fear that one day, all of this meddling will go a step too far and come crashing down around us with irreversible consequences. 


    At the moment, I'm of the mindset that we actually need to be looking back at a time when populations were healthier - when they ate better and moved more. When some of their minds weren't warped by crap social media and, they weren't made lazy by an instant lifestyle that gives everything on tap.


    I've said it before on here - I think the world would be a better place if all of the lights went out and we had to revert to a simpler way of living for a while.

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  8. It was a late finish last night so, the missus knocked this up for me - filo pastry with a tomato sauce and mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil and some meats from one of those salami selection pack things.

    ........... very tasty :thumbs:




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  9. 1 hour ago, NEWKID said:

    Thanks for the messages lads..

    My wife and daughter also tested positive, wife was a bit rough last night, very high temp and headache...

    Fin is constantly coughing  .my daughter has slept right through..

    I've got the same symptoms as Marie (wife) but tested negative, gonna work from home for a couple of days and see how it pans out, 2 of the blokes I work with are vulnerable and on meds for different things...was meant to be with one this afternoon but won't put him at risk obviously....

    All a bit strange, but sure all will work out OK.. 

    Good luck to you all - I hope it turns out ok 🤞🏻👍🏻

  10. I've never had a Costa or Starbucks coffee - I've tried to order similar stuff on holiday but, just got tired of the daftness of it.

     ........ I like 2 strong cups of instant before work - 3 spoons of coffee and plenty of milk in each one, no sugar.


    When the weather gets cold, I take a flask of tea to work - 3 PG Tips bags, hot water and a bit of milk, tea bags left in all day - the last cuppa is always the best :yes:

  11. 18 hours ago, chartpolski said:

    £3 at a boot sale this morning;


    Border Fine Arts.


    I've never been one for paintings or sculptures but, I like that :thumbs:


    I've always had a thing for Dobermans - I don't think they look right with a long tail though.

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  12. Ffs Ken, seriously mate, if you're not getting any younger, you're not doing yourself any favours by sleeping like that.


    You can buy all sorts of beds nowadays - proper ones, as firm as you like, where you can get out of bed at an easier height.

    ....... My best advice is to sort that room out and give yourself somewhere to rest up properly at the end of the day.


    That wall would worry me if I found it in a relatives bedroom - I'd have to sort it same day so that I knew they weren't breathing in anything dodgy.

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  13. I think they should be kept - Elizabeth is a cracking monarch. She's served for a long time and she's seen a lot but, has always remained perfectly composed. 

     ....... I thought Phillip was brilliant - they balanced each other so well. Him with his naughty streak and, her perfect behaviour. 


    As an Englishman and Brit' - they're definitely something to be proud of on the world stage.


    The fringes of the line of succession however, are something that the family should have got a grip on.

    ........ Maybe the likes of Harry and Andrew knew that they had no chance of becoming king so, just thought 'f**k it' and cracked on selfishly regardless. 


    I'm not sure on Charles - all his talking to the plants thing and shagging Camilla is a bit weird. I might like him more if he made a few gaffes like his dad.

    I think he will end up on the throne but, I'd like to see him pass the crown on fairly quickly.


    I think William and Kate are great - he's done well and, in my opinion, picked the perfect woman to sit beside him when he's king - I think the overall image and spirit of the British monarchy will be perfectly safe with those 2.

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