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  1. Well, here we go - i landed in my 40s and, some health issues came along and kicked me up the arse. Feckin typical :rolleyes:  i'll be 45 next month :thumbs:  it's not too bad - i just have to watch what i eat now.


    Breakfast today was overnight oats with yoghurt, walnuts, pistachios, blackberries, cherries and redcurrants - i suppose it's good that i actually quite like all that stuff but, i will admit that i do miss a nice full english.


    The good news is, because i had a breakfast like that today, dinner later will be a full sunday roast with my favourite pork and crackling :thumbs:




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  2. A few things for me lately have hit home the fact that you really do only get one go around on this wheel so - feck slaving away for most of it.


    I like folks idea when they can retire early - do it. Go and enjoy your time and family as much as you can - take as much time in the sun as you can and, do whatever makes you and yours happy 👍🏻🙂  everything and everyone is just white noise.


    All the best.

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  3. There's a bit of a story behind this one that I may elaborate on later 👍🏻............ the missus started on Cuban beef a  couple of days ago and, finished it up as dinner for us all last night - it was lovely.




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  4. On 12/01/2024 at 22:53, philpot said:

    As we have not heard from Mark for some time now, I sent him a New Year greeting and to see how he was, well all is not well as our Mark has had a very serious stroke which has left him very ill.  Mark's wife, Kath, very kindly responded for Mark and rather than me trying to cover Mark's condition, I will post Kath's reply to me so you all know how he is.


    Kath's reply to me :-


    Hi Phil, This is Kath Marks wife, Mark has asked me to tell you what has happened, briefly Mark had a major stroke and bleed to the brain at the end of August last year, in hospital for 8 weeks, the stroke took his left side and was unable to move, however he home and physios coming in 4 times a week and he is now able to walk with tripod stick for few yards downstairs, his left arm/hand taking longer but he determined and will get there.

    He hasn't been on the computer until this last week where he is weaning himself back onto it because that is where his stroke started, Mark says thank you for asking and please keep in touch, I will get him to reply to you personally next time.

    Regards Kath and Mark.



    I am sure you will want to send him and Kath your best wishes, in particular the members who have known Mark over the years so feel free  to do so as he is, with help, starting to be able to see what we are saying on the forum which will do him a power of good to see us taking the p1ss out of him to make him feel at home. When he is better and able to shoot again we can look forward to all the lies he used to tell us about his fieldcraft, and markmanship with knackered spring rifles..... well you guys know.  This is great as I can say what I like about Mark as he can't get back at me YET but I am sure he will be back on my case at some point so come on you old bugger get your fingers walking across the keyboard and get stuck in.

    Heres looking at you Mark, take care and get well soon...............in fact you could get Kath to take over from you as she is bound to make more sense that you. I know I will pay for this but we fac users like to live life on the wild side. 🤣🤣🙄😍



    Holy shit - this is the first time I've seen this - sorry, I haven't been on for a bit.


    My best wishes to Mark and Kath x


    Good luck and best wishes for a recovery mate 👍🏻.

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  5. 17 hours ago, Bakerboy said:

    Pissing down in Margam and I'm humping fckn crowd barriers around cos the fckn labour hasn't turned up....and I forgot my wet weather gear, I'm fckn soaking 😂

    I do like it out that way when the weather comes in mate 👍🏻


    I haven't got the option to be up there for a bit though - I may put up an update later 👍🏻

  6. Where would you recommend on a grand and a passport 


    I've recently moseyed on into my middle aged years and I'm well pissed off. Doctors have been giving me all sorts of tests and pills.  I've been cold and wet for months now, I fancy a change of scenery for a little while. I'm thinking of telling the missus and little-un to pack a bag so that we can all go to the airport and fuckoff for a bit *(Heathrow Gatwick and Bristol are all within reach.


    Some sunshine would be nice, good food would be nice - little 'un won't eat seafood 


    Any recommendations for a location that isn't too expensive? 


    No Muslim countries. 



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  7. 2 hours ago, Councilestatekid said:

    Hope he's alright mate.some folk are shitbags sucker punches are cnuts trick.im sure they'll get dealt with when times [BANNED TEXT] pal hope he makes a quick recovery and it doesn't affect him to much pal 

    Fkn scumbags. I hope your kids ok mate🤞🏻

  8. 22 hours ago, ditchman said:

    saw this recipe a few days ago on hunting loif.....thoght i would have a go....chucked some crememfraiche into the beans

    gravy made with proper gravy bisto powder

    hit the spot




    Ah but, was it the posh bisto in a jar or the stuff us peasants use In the red cardboard tub? :laugh:

  9. Nutters do exist.  I was shacked up with a loony bird for a while in my mid 20s. Being woken up by a punch in the face and loads of screaming is a very weird sensation I got dressed and walked out laughing my head off that night. That really pissed her off - the big vase that she threw, missed me and smashed her cars back window :laugh:. I kept laughing and carried on walking until I was gone :yes:. I could still hear her shouting and swearing from a few streets away

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  10. 12 minutes ago, jukel123 said:

    I've got more than a sneaking admiration for far Eastern people.They seem very positive and resourceful people to me. In measures of racial  IQ they come out on top and in measures of criminality, they come bottom.

    The Chinese have transformed not only their own economy but vast sections of the West's economy too in an incredibly short period of time.  When the Chinese economy falters shock waves are felt throughout the world.

    But I fear them too. They have fingers in every conceivable pie and continue to grow their defence, or offence?capability. Still a way to go to match America, but according to the smart money there is going to be an almighty   'happening' over Taiwan in the not too distant future. That's going to be a situation I'm not looking forward to.

    The ausies will bomb any issues there with our kit on our behalf if requested 🤔

  11. How long until the French start Trying to flog exocet missiles or shitty raffael planes  to our enemies? Still, it's not like we can't chase their crap over made up boundaries and just bomb the shit out of it anyway 😄

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