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  1. 43 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

    Surely I ain’t the only Cnut sick of hearing about it. Why can’t we just get suited and booted, go over an slap both sides an tell em to calm the fcuk down or we gonna start rebuilding the empire, starting with Russia this time😁

    Now you're talking - Sir Nige on the lead Challenger tank of a column of armour and air support, cutting a swathe through Europe, on a modern crusade heading north east to force civilisation on those lesser tribes :gunsmilie:


  2. I think it's great :yes:


    What we're witnessing here is the last years of a generation that choose to go out in a blaze of glory after watching Butch and Sundance, Rambo and Young Guns in their formative years.


    We haven't got much to look forward to from the Tranny, Roblox, Fortnite, Avocado generation.

     .......... No siree, they'll all be sat at home wearing skirts and face masks. 



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  3. 19 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

    Iv took the day off, or done the graft at weekend so I wouldn’t be busy, my eldest lads first day work experience today haha so k dropped him off an will collect him an that later on, he doing it on farm I do a bit on an he been milking in for past couple years l, but he doing more engineering stuff this week so hopefully he keeps his mouth shut an learn summat 😁

    Don't forget to take him for a pint on Friday :yes: :thumbs:

  4. There seemed to be a lot of Indians/Asians going for local council elections round our way this year.


    I forget his name but, an Indian fella round our way kept going round knocking on doors (with 2 Indian minders) and putting his leaflets through letter boxes - reckons he's lived down the road for 26yrs but, sounds like he left the punjab yesterday.

    .......... There was no way I was voting for him because, despite what his policies might be, he just isn't representative of the local population. 


    To be honest, I don't think foreigners have any place in British politics.


    I'm happy for a few to come over and settle as long as they integrate, mind their manners and respect our ways but, I won't be voting for any of them, regardless of where they're from.


    A lad called Will Stone won the vote round our way - he's been doing a fair bit for the local community over the last couple of years :thumbs:

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  5. 1 hour ago, tatsblisters said:

    I just don't get it anymore with South Yorkshire police and how they operate and their Facebook page is always good for a laugh . One topic on their is of a low life scrounger who hangs around Rotherham town who robbed an old man in March and they have just released his picture the same individual is still begging around the town on a daily basis no doubt all the coppers will be manning speed cameras instead of arresting this lowlife.

    Imagine the trouble we'd be in if we slapped him for mugging old folk - it's all round the wrong way mate.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Moocher71 said:

    My brother was in the marines and he and few army mates did this route but on bicycles and he said it was hard graft riding it so never mind doing it in wheelchair .

    I think it'll be easier - he's sitting down all the way :yes:

  7. 17 minutes ago, WILF said:

    We can take comfort in the fact that some poor builder will be getting a fixed penalty for a faulty tail light on his van at a 30 handed checkpoint somewhere or a parent struggling to make ends meet landed with a £150 speed awareness course for doing 34mph in a 30 zone……..sleep well, it’s all in hand ! Lol 

    Yes, that's a whole new thread in itself - the slating I've had (not on here) for commenting how pleased I am that they've obviously caught all of the murderers and rapists and now have time for the trivial shit.

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  8. Well well well, the alphabet folk have turned their backs on the 'homophobic' Met - apparently the organisers and a bunch of other fruity organisations,  don't want uniformed coppers prancing down the road with them on their special day - I do kind of agree - stick to the feckin day job.


    However, the forces hierarchy are still happy for them to do so.

    ......... funny that eh - they can do this in public and, they're allowed to unreservedly submit to a baying BLM mob but, they're not allowed to join a right wing organisation :hmm:


    Honestly,  I'd like Doc and Marty to drop me off in 1980 and leave me there to live out my days in peace :yes:



    Peter Tatchell says officers are welcome to join as civilians but the Met needs to be challenged over...




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  9. It seems to me that this whole situation with these people should be sparking calls for more funding for mental health services.


    You can't just decide to morph into whatever you want to be, that's impossible - they need to be told to go and get your head checked.

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