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  1. 1 hour ago, eastcoast said:

    Cheers. I wasn't sure if the people in the background were far away or very small and it may have been a quart.

    That reminds me of that Father Ted scene where he's trying to tell Dougal the difference between small and far away :laugh: :thumbs:

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  2. 12 hours ago, mushroom said:

    Erm not too sure about this 🤨😂

    Why do sheep brains taste like fish? 🤢

    I won't turn my nose up at much - I'd give some of the meat from it's face a go but, I'm f****d if I could tuck into some of the wobbly bits :no:


    Top marks to you for having a crack at it though :thumbs:

  3. Put your efforts into getting rid of the license fee - once their magic money pot disappears and they have to earn a living like everyone else, they'll soon cut twats like Packham. 


    Until that happens, they'll keep making shit excuses and ignoring their viewers.

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  4. I've been watching more series than films lately on Netflix.........


    I watched the first 2 episodes of Gotham last night - it's a backstory to Batman. So far, it looks pretty decent.  It's tying in well.

     ........ I think Sean Pertwee is going to be an excellent casting choice for Arthur :thumbs:


    Recently finished watching SWAT (the series, not the film) - it was ok, I've seen a lot worse.

     .......... it was very 'Hoo Ra' American and, had a few political messages thrown in the later episodes.


    I tried to watch Spotless - I got about 15 minutes into the first episode and ditched it because it was shite.

    Although the cover graphic for it has a Union Jack flag and, it's filmed in English, it's made like some shite French/European cinema type car crash, complete with their crap style of humour - probably produced by a frog (I really can't be arsed to waste time finding out) :thumbdown:

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  5. 25 minutes ago, DIDO.1 said:

    Mines a disgrace at the minute. 

    As the avairy I was getting has fallen through I now have a concrete pad 20'x8' to build a new work shop /bird room. Going to keep this one nice and tidy though. Problem  is time is at an essence, timber prices have gone through the roof and shed builders are booked up for 5 months... 

    So think yourself lucky, your upto the racking stage.... 

    On the plus side I've just been given these old tools 



    They bring back some memories  - I remember my grandad teaching me to use a hand drill and planes like those when I was a kid.

     .......... good times :)


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