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  1. Hi anyone got any loading data for Lovex s060 for a 75 grain v max head in 243. I cannot seem to find any. Cheers John
  2. Tried red and blue filters on my lamp for foxes. Red seems better. More importent dont put the beam on the fox just catch it in the spill of light at the bottom of the beam. Thats how i have had best results.
  3. Dunlop purofort with the safety toecaps are a bit more supportive than the standard ones. I use them for lamping on wet fields at least twice a week. They have great grips as well. John
  4. Boscherston lilly ponds uou cannot get much further west than them. No boat fishing though.
  5. The docks by portalbot steelworks were good a few years ago. I havent been there since 2010 but they can only have got bigger
  6. Hi my name is John, new to this forum but been on a few others for a while. main interest is in foxing with a .223 and an Archer night vision unit. Just put a T 20 with a black sun insert fitted on my scope. Great results. Hope I can pick up some more tips on this forum. John
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