The Lurcher In Field, Fen, Forest and Scrub

The Lurcher, in Field, Fen Forest and Scrub

New Release “The Lurcher ~ In Field, Fen, Forest and Scrub” Volume One.

This hardback book contains interviews with lurcher hunting enthusiasts from around the world including Richard Christian, Colin Didriksen, Jo Hendley, Davey Rodgers, Steve Barton and many more.

There are also various hunting stories including “Foxing in America”, “Bulpa”, “A Mixed Bag” and a write up on a coyote hunt from the Western United States.  With over 60 colour photos of working dogs and their quarry, ranging from rabbits and fox to coyotes this book is a must for any hunters book collection.This is the first volume of what will be a collectable series so order your copy now.

Lurcher Coursing Fox

Scott Rios cracker, reaper, hoss and t

The book is priced at £25 plus £3 for first class postage. (Overseas orders please contact us at for postage charges)

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Lurcher Retrieving Rabbit


  1. I told you I was new to the net! My comment should have gone to the Hunting Life site. By the way, Simon where’s my copy of your book you promised? Regards, Colin

  2. I was just wondering is their any old breed lurchers left,I think they were stained by the Borsi and afghan where as the older breed were more intellegint and quicker to booth.Those older breeds are gone i belive here in Ireland sad really

  3. A quality book, a great addition to any working lurcher book collection. Thoroughly enjoyed my copy, looking forward to vol 2 now.

  4. The author is sorting a paypal payment option, so this method will be available to use soon.

    Also I’m sure overseas delivery will be fine.

  5. It’s well worth having in your collection,I’ve really enjoyed reading it…already looking forward to the next instalment.