Mouching Ways & Hunting Days Vol 2

Mouching Ways & Hunting Days Vol 2

With The Warrener & His Travellers Friends (The Stanley Boys)

See The Warrener on the road again with his traveller friends mouching, hunting and poaching with their catapults, ferrets, dogs and snares

Content includes:

  • An old “hay decoy set” used years ago for snaring hares in the snow – good for rabbits too;
  • John & Pat snaring pheasants at roost with the pole snare;
  • Shooting rabbits out of their seats with catapults;
  • See Sam “Dundee” Stanley in action with his old style mouching catty;
  • Traveller style spit roast – pheasants, rabbits & venison;
  • Lots and lots of traveller action with cattys, terriers & lurchers hunting for the pot;
  • Lamping rabbits, ferreting rabbits, snaring rabbits

Duration Approx 2 hours


The DVD consists of various elements of the above fieldsports mentioned above, typical warrener style.

The video camera footage is at best average, the hay bait area while snaring in adverse weather will be of interest to some trappers/snarers but many of the other subjects are spoilt by what comes across as amateurism… dogs hitting longnets and running amok, lamping scenes badly filmed showing 3/4 of the screen in complete black out, numerous footage of hitting rabbits, pheasants with catapults… Its basically just more of the warreners usual…


  • Liam

    How much mate and have you got more DVDs buy the warrener

  • tails

    Not a bad DVD credit to them all that they know there stuff ….. But you will hope by now that as the Warrener by now as he has made a few DVDs and is making a living from them, the quality of them would be better by now? still lots of fun action to watch.

  • Better to get onto the warrener himself

  • nick

    hi my friend brought one of you catapults one of the deer antler and red elastic ones where can i get one. i do alot of hunting and trapping already but i used to do alot of catapult hunting as a nipper but want to get back into it and would love and of your catapults and was wondering where i could get on and how much also the rat trap useing hazel and a simple wooden triger system is called a whippy stick

  • gamerooster

    i totally agree with you, though i did enjoy the catapult hunting parts, the lurchers were at best average, poor retreives and often smashing into the longnets after already caught rabbits!!!