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What Happened To All The Discussion On The .17 Wsm? Has Anybody Got One?

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For the sake of accuracy, I'm saying I want to see the 17wsm necked up for a 22 and commercially produced with a semi auto platform. A 22wsm if you will. I'm not saying that there currently is a 22wsm.



....I got that, but perhaps I could have worded my reply better! :thumbs:


As a matter of interest do you know the actual size of the parent cartridge case, would it take a .22 or even .25?



Apparently it's out of a 27 cal nail gun blank, so I guess so. I really haven't given this that much thought tbh, lol.

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I think at £865 for a savage, a cz .17 hornet i a much better proposition altogether.

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Not too many comments on their use then. Seen and handled a couple of Savage .17 WSM rifles. The standard synthetic stock felt weak and floppy. At the time of application to renew my license, 8 months ago, HMR rounds had been in very short supply and were more expensive than the .17WSM. Also was hoping for CZ to announce a .17WSM. Don't want to go to CF.

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If by any chance you end up with one I'd be very pleased if you give me a shout and let me have a look.


Cheers! :thumbs:

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