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Dougie Male Harris Hawk

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Nearly their mate at least his flying them is that with a little weight reduction mate?It should be ok mate! Another great reason to get a hyena!😂

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Thanks mate, and ye dropped him down to 1lb 5 and hes keen as hell for them, took him up a little yesterday and he wouldnt entertain them, what do you recon to the fret marks? Will they be ok? on one feather it doesnt reach the quill and the other i carnt see if it does or not, but im not sure if they are even fret marks as they are yellow in colour and thin but not straight, it could be chick yolk, if i try for some pics tommorow could you take a look and give your opinion please.


Is it possible to wash the feathers to see if it is egg yolk? Ive put warm water on them but need to see if there gone tommorow, do you think i could put something like baby shampoo onto them and rinse it off and see if that takes it off the feathers if they arent fret marks, i dont think baby shampoo will damage them

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I will get a pic tommorow mate, as long as it isnt damaging the feather it doesnt really bother me just bugs me a little knowing its there, like i said it might just be chick yolk with me only noticing it yesterday but im not sure, you know what its like though mate when you notice something then end up diagnosing every ilness lol, probably just me panicking,


How do i pm a pic just post the url as if i would do posting it on a thread?

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Just been and got a few pics with the phone

Rather than mess about with pm i will just put them on here


















To me it looks like he has got some yolk in them with it being yellow and also the absence of fret marks in other feathers growing at the same time, and also you carnt see one of the marks at the back of the feather? Any opinions welcome

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The last one looks like yolk to me mate can't really see and the deacons one

Thats what i thought mate, i will get some clearer pics tommorow and maybe try and wash it out with a bit of baby shampoo, well keep you updated, like i said it isnt bothering me as long as they dont cause any problems, with all the dives into cover he is making hes quickly looking like a scruff anyway lol

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Put some baby shampoo on the feathers diluted with water and its washed off so it isnt fret marks, thank god, the cats still getting a shot to the arse if i catch it though lol

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Thanks mate i was out today just for a fly round and see if anything was about, still no kill but had a nice flight on a rabbit but lost it whilst diving in cover, im so frustrated for him though as he is making all the right moves waiting for the rabbit to stop before he makes a dive but hes just too light to get through it, another pound heavier and he would probably be able to brake through it, also tried his chance on a dove that was feeding in a group and just missed it,

Im not to bothered about it at the minute as i know when the cover dies off he will be on top form and be at a high level of fitness so will be able to make a better account for himself, problem is the rabbits are all sat in cover so when being chased there not pressured to make a decision as literally anywhere they go gives them plenty of protection in the way of cover

Just a pic from today of the bird watching what i think was a blackbird hoping through the hedge




And also one of a few weeks back when i took the bird for a walk with whats going to be his cast members this season when they finish their moult



mines on the right, the female in the middle, and another male to the left



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Nothing much has been happening bud, just building fitness but the birds been grounded for 4 days because of the weather, going out now to try and chance a couple of hours then doing some ferreting on the weekend weather permitting so hopefully have something to update. My mates starting his male harris on the weekend so maybe have some cast flying pics providing the birds get on

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