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Reloading C/f

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Right i have spoken to the sportsman centre who come under Devon and Cornwall they said no they will only sell what is written on your ticket, so i spoke to Devon and Cornwall and they said that expanding bullets count towards your quota.

Avon and somerset who are my Authority still say they dont count count to your quota. so it looks like if i wanted to buy more than my quota i would have to get them in a shop that comes under Avon and Somerset.

What a crap system!!

Brilliant :thumbs: that wont confuse anyone then will it :hmm: I agree Rimmer what a crap system, well I am still going to phone basc for their version/interpretation, and I will be sticking to what it says my allowance is on my ticket, and my strong advice to anyone is to do the same.

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Right hand dont know what the left is doing,alot of this is police enforcing what they think is right, ie there interpretation of the law which changes from force to force,

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I think it's different from force to force, so obviously I'm going to go by what my force (Met) says.


Having had it clarified yesterday, expanding bullets are classed as loaded ammunition so each bullet counts towards my "to hold" total and I can only buy as many at any time as it says on my ticket.


Non-expanding bullets do not count towards my total and I can have as many as I want.

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Yes that is exactly what I was told, so as far as I am concerned there are no grey areas, stick to what it says on your allowance and you wont fall foul of the law :thumbs:

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