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Opening A Can Of Worms, But - How Far Will A Pellet Travel?

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It's all academic this thread, because given that you can lob a .22 slug about 400 whatever yards or a shade over from a 12ft/lb rifle, depending on winds, on how much elevation angle you give the barrel, who here can control that range distance with accuracy? No-one! So there's no point knowing anything more than you air rifle will lob a pellet about 410 yards on average.


Now you'll get Terry Doe wanting you all in bed by 8 o'clock for talking ranges over 35 metres!


In my opinion, it's not academic at all! What you've just said is exactly the point of the thread, and was the original question. It was never a thread about accuracy or how far can I shoot quarry from (Lord knows there are plenty of those threads already on here!)


Knowing how far your pellet will travel if you miss an elevated shot is essential to knowing whether or not the shot is safe. A backstop doesn't have to be a solid thing. 700 yards of secured, fenced in, part-of-the-permission empty space is a perfectly reasonable 'backstop' if your pellet will only go 400 ish yards. If you have that space then the shot is still a safe one. If you don't, it's not. Which was why I waned to know max range.




Funnily enough I was more than a bit tired when I posted the above answer at 12:03 a.m. So I should have read it in greater detail. Don't take offence Jim, none was intended! At least you now have a reasonable idea of how far your stray, lofty shot will fly unrestrained or blocked if you miss! :thumbs:



it can be a right rude awaking when the penny drops :blink:

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I was pretty done in when i posted my light hearted reply.

It really does come down to common sense though,

Away out now with my knewly tuned 97kt (SFS kit and a couple of bits of my own inside it, SWEET!!) and i'll be shooting into the trees and rafters of barns tonight minding that if i miss there's no danger to anything other than my prey.

Safe happy hunting folks.



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I'm glad we're all friends again :laugh:.


I wasn't actually offended by you pianoman, or anyone really, I'm just a sensitive soul when I'm tired! :icon_redface:


S'all good :yes:



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