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Oh sorry. Pardon my error, Han wag and lowa, look

Exactly the same and after using them both are exacty the same. I have a pair of lowa mountain NON GTX and a pair of han wag passed on from a mate. If you didn't see the name you wouldn't know the difference.



My point was they are not "Exactly" the same boot fella as you state, because they are not.




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Guest busterdog

Hanwag are the dogs danglies, i've used nothing else for the last eight years.

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Give the han wags a good work out over the last week,i lamped in them for 3 nights and hunted in them yestarday,not sure how many miles i covered but prob a fair bit,i wore them with a set of army issure gaiters on all occasions and il be honest brilliant they were,bone dry,warm,very comfy and easy to take on and off to get the trainers on to drive.


I prob did around 10-15 miles and walked thro a good couple of streams and one big sodden bog ! i also had two digs on yestarday and they where realy good no stress on my ankles at all,they also brought me good luck 7 in 4 outings and thats priceless ... Very good boots and i would definatly get another pair . :thumbs: hoipe this helps to people who are looking for a decent quality pair of boots :bye:

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