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caliber for fallow

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Guest Fireball

Dicehorn the shelf life and credibility of our Deker and his bum chum pal Logic is fast running out and they only have themselves to blame. Liken them to a Kia Sorento because over time they too self destruct and eventually fall apart under pressure :laugh:

Its been no secret that i have used the 6.5x55 for the last 5 seasons for fox control as well as Deer control and if there were a better calibre available to me i`d have it believe me.

I`m out looking for Deer at least 3/4 days a week as from no until the end of March so obviously i need a dedicated Deer calibre which would be up to the job and would also double as a fox gun.

When i say i have shot large red Deer with the 6.5 i mean i have shot large Deer as in big feckers and the swede sorts them out. Now let me tell you snap shot my gun dropped a 24 pointer broad side at 150 yards and left very little infact minute tissue damage. I`m mentioning the points on the Deer because it make`s it sound good dont you think :laugh: but infact it has no relevence what so ever,lol.

I retrieved the bullet head a 129g SST a week later when i collected the cash from the game dealer.

He queried me on how many times that i had shot this deer? Once i replied. He then marched me into the back and showed me a deformed 6mm bullet head which was retrieved from the neck of the beast.

On checking the carcass over in the cooler i could feel a small lump under the skin on the opposite side to the initial entry of the 129g sst. I cut the skin and retrieved the SST head which i had reloaded myself weeks earlier, this now resides with the guy who shot the beast using my gun.

He also kept the head which measured Gold and which was recently sold on ebay for a small fortune.

So whats the moral of the story? Well..

He who use`s a varmint calibre weapon to control Deer is a Divi and will ultimately end up sleeping with the goats :laugh:

Shotgun don't listen to the pish mate get the 6.5x55 its a good all round versatile workman like tool ;)


I like the lung shot ;)



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Guest Fireball

I was going to edit my post but i thought i`d just keep posting under other reply. Notch me posting up a little and make it look like i`v been around a bit like deker :laugh:

Now Deker even though your a self proclaimed pro pester qualified with BPCA/RSPH and Deer Mentor?? Watch these mentors lads,lol there like Vicars know what i mean :laugh:

As well as doing a woman's job at a shooting club there`s no fecking way i`d allow you to poke that poxy 243 at any of the Deer i have permission to control.

In fact i personally know the main BASC advisor for Deer control and there management and he wouldn't allow you to use a 243 either on any accompanied stalk or high seat activity and that's a fact.

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mate if you look through my posts you will see that i used to shoot the 6.5 x 55 and recommend it along with the 129g sst....


if your happy with it fine, thats your opinion.... and i respect it....


but please respect my decision to use whatever calibre i like......


i'm just about done with all the backbiting on the forum..... we're here to share experinece's the bullet choice i use is the 95g sst, which mushrooms perfectly... or the 100 sp by hornady.....


more than up to the task...



final reply....


enjoy the season....




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