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  1. Suzuki Jimny - Shooting Rest

    205/70/15 fitted mate, plenty of clearance without lifting etc
  2. There's only one true Hornet and that's the .17
  3. Well yesterday a land owner asked if I could remove a fox from his land, it was becoming a nusianse. I arrived at 20:00 to get set up, I loaded a bait station with fresh rabbits with fox pro inferno in position. I was using my CZ527 .17Hornet with nitesite eagle, I used a bushnell NV spotter and was shooting off my primos trigger sticks my old faithfuls. Anyway I got in position 100yards away and started calling on the fox pro, after 1hr of calling I was thinking of pulling 4x4 down to sit in it was a little cold but bring from Yorkshire so I carried on :-) at this point I scanned behind me and there it was sat bloody behind me against a tree. I was on right and side of the fox and it was locked onto the caller, it worked it's way down the edge line, at one point within 100yd but no safe back stop for a shot, I needed it in front of me. At this point I'd mounted rifle with nitesite following it waiting for a safe shot opportunity, this went on for 20 minutes which felt like a lifetime. It then decided to sit up approx 150yard away from bait station, i left it for 5 mins but looked like it was spooked, at this point I decided to move position to get a safe shot, it's attention was still on the fox pro so I managed to move across the field despite the frosty ground crunching under my feet like I was walking on cornflakes lol. Anyway I got in position and turned the IR up on the eagle the fox then looked straight at me, I had it in crosshairs and was in steady position, I slipped safety off and pulled trigger, dropping the fox on the spot. Love nights like this when you have to really work for the shot. I then carried on and cleared a few more rabbits.
  4. Suzuki Jimny - Shooting Rest

    Cheers Taffey, it's unbelievable off road it's made my life 10 times easier lol, I'm covering more land then ever in one night now, it goes anywhere.
  5. A few months after purchasing a Jimny Its now ready for some action!!! I've had a roof mounted lamp with internal T-Bar fitted, rear seats removed and boarded out with plywood, rear windows vinyl wrapped with logo, Insa turbo tyres, snorkel fitted + K&N filter. My friends just made me a gun rest which is brilliant.
  6. Roof Mounted Lamp?

    Thanks for sharing 👍🏻
  7. At the end of the month I'm looking at purchasing a roof mounted lamp (lightforce) with T-Bar. Obviously drilling through roof is a concern, but is more practical in winter months keeping my pinkys warm and rain out + T-bar is also better for solo Lamping. Does the lamp mount have anything to stop the elements coming through the hole? If anyone can share any info it would be appreciated.
  8. Suzuki Jimny 4X4

    Looking at roof mounted lightforce with T-Bar, what's everyone's thoughts with going through roof? Not keen on the suction pads and cold hands in winter lol 😬
  9. Suzuki Jimny 4X4

    I drove from Devon to Doncaster when I purchased and sat at 60mph getting approx 38mpg, it's dropped a little since using off road but not much sat between 33/36mpg
  10. Suzuki Jimny 4X4

    I drove from Devon to Doncaster when I purchased and sat at 60mph getting approx 38mpg, it's dropped a little since using off road but not much sat between 33/36mpg
  11. Suzuki Jimny 4X4

    Cheers mate, I've just started coating in waxoyl, I've coated internally too some rust was building under rear seats when I'd removed them. If I start getting any steering shake I'll give you s shout 👍🏻
  12. Suzuki Jimny 4X4

    After year's of dragging the family car down off road tracks and farms I've taken the plunge and purchased a dedicated shooting 4x4. meet my Suzuki Jimny, I've taken rear seats out, fitted some new tyres + had back windows vinyl wrapped with logo.
  13. That's the problem you can't see it mate, it's tucked up somewhere internally.
  14. someone did suggest putting it in oven lol, think the wife would finally think i'd lost plot eating my sound moderator, might be only thing left mate.
  15. Tried this yesterday mate, still nothing