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  1. First Roe Doe Of The Season.

    Good read well done, thanks for sharing. Kev
  2. Roe Sack Recommendation

    http://www.ogdenssho.../roe-sika-sacks for others that might be intrested.
  3. Roe Sack Recommendation

    Jf1970 i have sent you a PM. Kev
  4. Roe Sack Recommendation

    If you don't think that the Sika sack will be big enough, and you really think you want to have a go at carrying the beasts out contact Phil Ogden and ask him to make you something. Can't say enough about the good bloke he is to buy from.
  5. Roe Sack Recommendation

    The Monach ones are very good. One of them is said to be for Sika's. Personally sometimes just looking at a fallow after shooting one breaks me out in a sweat i dont think i will ever be putting one on my back.
  6. Roe Sack Recommendation

    Contact Phil Ogden in Oldham his stuff cannot be beat. Have a look on the Monarch stalking website. Phil makes his stuff.
  7. Any Tips For 1St Stalk

    Walk a litttle, look a lot. Practice with your rifle as much as you can. Be confident in your abilities. Good luck, dont forget to enjoy yourself. Kev
  8. A Couple From Today

    Well done. And its nice to see a new thread. Kev
  9. Interesting Evening Out

    Did you have your glasses on.? You know you need to wear them now. Kev
  10. Help On Starting Up

    Do your DSC1 it will help you get your FAC. As other have said not a legal requirement, but recognised by lots of police forces as acceptable training. It's no alternative to experience but that's a bit of a chicken and an egg situation isn't it in your position. You mention paid stalks this is what I was going to do, but my local force, Sussex, would not accept my application even though I had a letter for a professional stalker saying i had been out stalking with him and had paid for more. What was missing was a bit of land to shoot on on which my gun (FAC application) could be registered too. I was stuck for a while and then remembered an old mate that had a farm, and quick call and all was solved. Good luck. Kev
  11. The Glorious First

    What a great day. Thanks for the write up, very much enjoyed. Kev
  12. Current Prices.

    Just out of interest what are people getting if they sell Roe Bucks to a dealer at the moment? price per kg Kev
  13. Hello New Member Hi

    Hello and welcome.
  14. My Very First Muntjac.

    Well done, brilliant morning out. Kev
  15. One For The Thl Doctors...

    Second that sounds like Ebola.