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  1. A good weekend!

    Good shooting
  2. First Blood

    Spot on nice gun you got there
  3. some good luck for me

    Nice bag
  4. Mixed bag

    Cheer's guy's
  5. Mixed bag

    Hi all, managed a couple of hour's out after doing the household chore's, got down the farm and the heaven's opened so i sat it out in one of the cow barn's, a couple of nest robbing maggie's a jackdaw and a woodie, not been in a while due to work commitment's so i'm very pleased with my afternoon. Good shooting all.
  6. pevensey bay sea fishing

    Got half way down there and realised my phone was at home, most off, won't do that again.
  7. Went down to pevensey bay today, plenty of fish caught, dab's,flounder,whiting,pouting and some codling, main bait's were lug tipped with herring, codling fell to lug and crab baits all in all a good day's fishing was had by all.

    It's been quiet down with me bunny wise, they got hit really bad with mixy last year, plenty of corvids and pigeon about though
  9. the picture says it all.
  10. made me smile

    now this made me smile on a wet,crappy day at work.
  11. Another night on new lake

    Over the last 2 months i would guess between 2 of us 40 kilos
  12. Another night on new lake

    Biggest was 25lb then 24.8 and 15
  13. hour out today

    Thanks guys, got next week off so should get some time out with the guns
  14. Fur and Feather

    Nice bag.
  15. Squirrel -- the pics at last!

    WOW, thats a cracking bag, i've had 8 in a day and thought i was doing well.