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  1. Beddy crosses of the 90’s

    Has they say the wheat from the chaff needs sorting..atb bunnys
  2. dave platts' saracen

    This type quite popular round Stafford area few the boys using them fa a good few yrs they take full spectrum teeth etc day or night .very good xs atb bunnys
  3. dave platts' saracen

    This Saracen would be one of a few Saracens he had we had several from him they all come to nothing , one had bone calcuium deficiency from him ,the best we. Had were A baron stuff don't know if he still about ad a small f1second gen bred from Doherty stuff.the Irish seem to have sent a few good uns over fa producing lurchers smaller workman like pures old aquaintance keeps them back here , he don't do a lot with them but they do get ta nail the odd Charlie who coming looking fa the fowl I would have a good look about first see them killing stuff if possible before using them on the established line.atb bunnys
  4. Half cross bull greyhound

    And some have sensitive souls of animals all can be environment what's the saying no matter the breed the outcome the same.atb bunnys
  5. dave platts' saracen

    Platts don't work his animals never did been seen that was enough be better going ta some one who does work there hybrids.atb bunnys
  6. Collie/whippet

    Why not generation type then picks the type yas like cur or hound,and they get lighter generation bred either way to much of this fraction thinking ..atb bunnys
  7. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    i think some of the lads using tad more hound fa faster tight fields , and fast ground and some of us know f1 ain't always the einsteinium of the Lurcher world ,bit mixing Lurcher Lurcher usually has enough I believe modern lurcher work his now on us and when one sees whippets leading the field in rabbiting it makes sensce to use these whippet lines ta get lurchers from..they will in all probability have better recovery time tough little feckers thems working whippets atb bunnys.
  8. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Sires collie whippet dam f1whippet grey strike while irons hot top honcho grey .three quarter hound type.dam ten yrs old sire four yrs one and only litter from her .he was lucky .i think they go around twenty two twenty three dam 23sire21.bred ta remain a bitch atb bunnys
  9. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Five weeks today atb bunnys
  10. Coursing bitch

    I would int think them bruise it's be thete long enough enough fa the slugs find em but the rats may do wheat draws them like flies round shit in ta winter . Nice animal really bred well good luck atb bunnys
  11. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    has little as possible lol.atb bunnys
  12. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Nice heavy flecked male welp at top seems he will be a looker.atb bunnys
  13. Cruciate ligament damage.

    ya do the right thing and best all round good luck with thy next jukel atb bunnys
  14. Raw diet

    Nothing trenches any worse than jaz she will swallow stuff whole but swallowing bone usually means it takes far longer to digest it thoroughly and hangs in them a day longer seen here swallow small rabbitsl the greedy fecker her ,still healthy no cause ta see the vet get the tripe in em all that acidity breaks anything down .atb bunnys
  15. Raw diet

    Fed chicken carcass fa yrs no ill affects other than maybe to often they gat a wee bit firm tripe or lights and meat sorts this just feed a piece with flesh,they no different than any other bone but perhaps softer I feed them frozen and they fine. The only downfall ta carcass I find not much flesh one and they take room up in the freezer better minced they pack better.atb bunnys.
  16. Raw diet

    Frozen flesh won't harm them best ways give it them in summer no need to worry of turning when they chew, it goes down thawed mine get frozen lots and throw the gain Iin the bin best place for it .atb bunnys
  17. Spaniel X Running Dog

    Old mate bred some from a eigtheen inch rytex springer xs Welsh collie bitch ,sire was fast type line bred saluki greyhound bred down from old ds line rip.they come very decent twenty one inch bird rabbit dogs very very steady retrieve was very natural some were trained to find drugs and narcotics and did so on mooching trips find stuff hung in trees the lot rediciously good far far and aways better drive and scenting ability than the normal mooching type base breeds the spaniel blood took them to another level and ta boot cheep ta keep and they were not on top when in places where one should not be we had a little bitch here she went on to become a real good little bitch and was sent to find all sorts game these had no quirks one can get with some of the base types . And they were on par with any small Lurcher type for speed .atb bunnys
  18. Spaniel X Running Dog

    Those spaniel collies I knows and seen were always dam cbeing the base the Lurcher sire does make a difference the dam carries em and nurses em she has a lot ta say on those welps nurture nature etc.atb bunnys