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  1. Cannibalism

    Salukis are still vert primitiive type canines and do in lots of ways ,still act in this manner ,atb bill
  2. Couple of My Wheaton x

    scotthunter I know the breeding of thy animal very well ,he was bred from my own stock ,the reason I mentioned breed the Wheaton from him ,his because the animal his what he his because of his sires lineage and ability ,his dam although not a bad animal was not in the same calibre end off Ipassed her on she were not good enough fa me at that time ,ok fa some one else with less work load .i know his breeding fa a good few generations ,the only thing I see from his dam his the colour and rough coat . The phenotype of his sire.i bet he kills effortlessly like him also his sire was a producer and bred to be a producer , I also bred him. plus he was a top single dog on anything. I I believe this I would not worry on his breeding if he does the job totally irrelevant .one needs to find if he can produce himself at the very least ,spending by your words and my knowledge of others his sire was a very good producer. I have my reasons to not wish to divulge all my info on him ,torts just say the pictures his now crystal clear. And answered a few questions I could not clear up atb Bill.ps he was bred in Staffordshire.
  3. Ringworm

    Young Buck Lyme sulphur dips the finest cure ,cheep off eBay just follow the instructions ,I mix this with cheep shampoo and use it has an occasional way for dogs ferrits meself also great for kennel cleaning dipping feet whith this Alabama rot about. Atb bunnys
  4. Bad mouth

    Both carriers both must have been carriers of the defect genetically ,now this can be a hidden recessive gene ,breed from non phenotype defective studs ,,it always shows itself generations on if breeding from this defect. The defect will be hidden for a generation then full nests of defective welps tight mouths overs. Unders crowded mouths none good for a animal full stop.find a good quality animal .atb bunnys.
  5. whats the best food for lurchers

    Good do and just the the cure if no green tripe available ,good find that atb bunnys
  6. whats the best food for lurchers

    It really his some one could use them great with the tripe , no local hunts your ways take them .atb bunnys
  7. whats the best food for lurchers

    The best melds fa control and to keep gut bugs at bay his and will allways be grass fed green tripe straight from slaughter house. The good bacteria and probiotics that loaded in tripe crowds the bad bacteria out of the gut .this his a fact feed them the probiotics naturally tripe with on its own or a piece of flesh on the bone finest fodder, they need very little else just variety of flesh bone plus the tripe ,I can honestly say Ihave reared ran jukels on very little else and I hammered them day plus night. The odd stool a day maybe two sometimes none everything utilised in the snapp very little waste keep on the flesh and bone when fully adjusted y'all reap the benefits off natural diet. atb bunnys
  8. whats the best food for lurchers

    A couple days snappin fa jaz
  9. Yas right with height restrictions usually no problem it's when one starts to use the larger headed types one needs to be careful,and be considerate of the bitchs welfare .running type animals are narrow welps long maybe but narrow ,the bull or heavier types are a different kettle of fish ,even so seen some very diminutive types produce twenty six plus animals ,bulk his allways if any the problem causers ..atb bunnys.
  10. Couple of My Wheaton x

    Just looked even the same short back rib same side lol atb bill
  11. Couple of My Wheaton x

    Just aqueous scotty his the bitch from the same neck of the woods has the thy dog very familiar lol.atb bunnys.
  12. Couple of My Wheaton x

    Don't know what's a happening [BANNED TEXT] messenger get one a that knows probably full will try again tomorrow,good weather permitting crack on.atb bunnys.
  13. Couple of My Wheaton x

    Nice bitch what lines she from Scott'y how old she ,very similar to the big dogs grandma on sires side his she killing well .atb bunnys
  14. Couple of My Wheaton x

    Scotty hunter I don't now why no message coming through but got messages from others ,the ways ya seem ta be going get him to a good bull xs keep the type and hopefully the traits.rinse the Wheaton out a them there's very little in him any ways put him back to a good strong single handed killing bitch. If yas can find one shame we had just the bitch da him here but she got sent down the valleys fa the graft ,the dogs top bred animal they no spanner sin them they all graft there a big creame sable male up north has well just has strong but racier he in your neck of the woods we reared him and schooled sent him out in the big world already entered last he just kept getting stronger each season and single killing dog good numbersanimal ,try post me again it's good ta see the briefings are standing the test of time and most importantly the graft.atb Bill.
  15. Couple of My Wheaton x

    He ain't half looking good Scot hunter rising six almost now ,his sire left his stamp the dam the coat and I have no doubt the desire and prey drive.lol atb bunnys.
  16. Stud available

    I thought it was to be taken to pm,seems like my guess was right I have pm edrd and he won't be coming I will now pm you so the topic can get back on track atb bunnys
  17. Stud available

    Maggie I understand perhaps my long slang difficult fa you lol other than that feck knows.atb bunnys.
  18. Stud available

    Bosun I have no problem with that I have pm edrd he only needs to read it. Look foreward to his arrival atb bunnys
  19. Edrd are you no dog man and don't  if so you can come here my permission bring your best jukel  three nights shining don't worry I have more than enough running ground back here the offers there atb bunnys.

  20. Stud available

    edrd so yo are no dog man and don't on the topic also if so you can both have a trip over but I would not think of long ear types fa what I have lined up for them, they won't be much good here .if by chance your not two of the same the invites there ta either of you ,has fa long ears don't get thinking yas ta only fella that had animals that could fill a boot with them they was a few back here could do it and yas right edrd a fbit faster type but not much certainly can notch the numbers up on a dark wet windy night.pm me I will sort a few nights on the bounce so we can see the what yas got ya not that far away .atb bunnys.
  21. Stud available

    i have no problem with that bosun he can take it to pm and the offer stands .atb bunnys
  22. Stud available

    Some can depends how they throw ,atb bunnys
  23. Stud available

    Tell yas what the invites there you must come bring your j Russell and your fast type and we will test it on some of the heavy game I can test it for you. They will have to run single I have no doubt ya little terrier will be seen going in to the dust and your fast type blown out or God forbid Jack don't get believing your own notions that a thirty inch animal ain't got the pace fa the job it's been bred ta do your in experience shines very bright yet again get a grip thos of ours ain't been bred ta run light weight game even though they don't do bad they schooled on small stuff has saplings ,before the work begins shames has most children they go ta school seems like the school of experience with working animal your still in a lower form. Yas need ta go to college and have a hairy prehistoric gator yas no ya biting a the bit try one it will be free to you to much dog fa you I feel but there we have it no dog man no dog fa you.lol atb bunnys
  24. Stud available

    Fa some they not and preference in a terrier xs some need more grey or generation bred and choose a lighter type .but I suppose there be some that want a animal fa just certain job jobs and size and strength will play a major role in the those taking good numbers .of heavier stuff.atb bunnys