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  1. Please check out my youtube channel

    Thanks mate
  2. New Air Rifle

    Thanks mate
  3. New Air Rifle

    Good to hear the accuracy is spot on thanks for the feedback on the channel
  4. Please check out my youtube channel

    Thanks mate All sub 12 shooting
  5. LIKE SHARE & SUBSCRIBE 😉 https://youtu.be/_sOWJ-hk-84
  6. New Air Rifle

    Nice group mate im looking forward to setting up the new combo and a day in the field with it Good to hear you enjoy the youtube channel 😉
  7. New Air Rifle

    How you finding the accuracy ?
  8. New Air Rifle

    Morning mate Its from hardys gunsmiths I will definetly pop to the range when the weather improves
  9. New Air Rifle

    I pick the new combo up tommorow so can give you a better idea towards the end of the week the original viper is a cracking scope
  10. New Air Rifle

    Apologies lads im still finding my way around the site and thought id placed the topic in the airgun section
  11. New Air Rifle

    Ive recently purchased the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter in .177 cal and the Mtc Viper Pro 3x18x50 This will be my dedicated day set up The Bsa R10 mk2 .177 cal with the Mtc Viper 4x16x50 will become the dedicated Night Hunting Set up Combined With my Night Vision Kit
  12. Air Rifle Hunting, A Short Ratting Video

    thanks lads hopefully another release tonight
  13. Air Rifle Hunting, 2017 In A Nutshell

    cheers JJ the video plays fine The One It must be your device
  14. Cold Morning Corvids & Woodpigeons For The Pot

    thanks lads yeah its the walking dead theme tune lol