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  1. Out Ratting

    Hi mate I’m using a Nikon d700 full frame dlsr with a 50mm prime lense
  2. Out Ratting

    Hi lads had a good day 112 not bad didn’t get started till after ten then finished up just after 2 so not bad had the camera with me but not many there had the terriers to look after and yes Pud believe it or not I dug a few out lol didn’t get chance to do pics just a selfie at the end and a couple of the lads standing around
  3. Out Ratting

    Not very good ones need more practice different ball game photographing the dogs coursing rats on the lamp so here’s the few pics I took app oligopolies for the poor quality
  4. Out Ratting

    Thanks for the comments lads
  5. Out Ratting

    Them pics were from Sunday past on the pens me and Pud 200 caught and another white one
  6. Out Ratting

    Canny pics as usual bill
  7. Out Ratting

    Ha ha ha tell him he has to name it Hoot’s tool I’m gonna put few pics up from today there not that good as sun and bushes constantly a problem especially the bushes was difficult to focus
  8. Out Ratting

    Aye fd I’ve got bill to thank for that he taught me cheers for the comments