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Siberian Goshawks

Guest what a flight

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Guest hawkaholic

try 5 grand tops , and to be honest i wouldnt give 5p for one :realmad: ide rather stick to the uk fauna ( its like buying a working dog for looks ) you get it home it looks good but at the end of the day looking good is probly all it ever will be ! mony spinners is what its all about :yahoo: it takes mony to make mony .............

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Guest hawkaholic

i would give one a go but what anoys me about them is the price :angry: whare the f**k is a guy like me going to get that kinda cash to spend on a bird [bANNED TEXT] sure ive spent plenty cash on birds but at the end of the day i got somthing for it :search: ie my hole :yahoo: but thats difrent kinda birds [bANNED TEXT] :kiss: ! ok they look good but ime sure they wont have the sprint in them that the german or the the finnish has , ie they are purly breed for looks ! ile wait ten years down the line and see what becomes of these wonderfull birds :D hey maybe they will be giving them away :friends: ..................... nice pic waf all the best

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