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  1. Caught them at it. Litter coming soon. Had 8 kits last year Anyone elses in season
  2. i recomend ferrtone, its good for nursing jills because its full of fatty acids and vitamins. also i use it to put a knocker coller on, by letting he ferret lick the top of the lid. it stops them moving around because they cant resist it. worth the money mate, if you use it wisly it can last up to two years and it doesnt go off. sash
  3. kits are ready to go............. wont be on the site for a week because im of away on holiday so will get back to you straight after. price isnt an issue. donation or what ever i just want to get rid of them. cheers sash
  4. any fresh meat id say, rabbits the best. but if havnt got a rabbit dont buy one its a waste of money, just give a tin of cat food.
  5. nice one........ hope my kits will be ready!!!!
  6. any one know when broughton hall is this year?
  7. sash

    white deer

    a white deer!!???!?!?!?!
  8. must be about a month ago. hes 9 month old, had 10 rabbits at 5 months old so........ shel be about the same age
  9. my jills piece isnt swelled up any more, will she give birth????? first litter you see......
  10. is it best to take the HOB out
  11. haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa painfull!!!
  12. theres a few good pics on the site........ how come you run 3 dogs
  13. I feel that ANOTHER law is in place. There are plenty of laws, and you can break every single one of them if you wish, and if you get cought, so be it, take the punishment..... If you break it properly like keeping your head down and going out by yourself you wont get cought.... Its just another law, you can only do what you can with it.
  14. wheres market drayton, is it a small village?
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