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J Darcy

A bird in the Hand....

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Firstly, apologies for taking my time to review this book.

I opened the brown package and looked at the shiny black cover, looking forward to digesting its contents. The book is about trapping and netting all manner of british birds many years ago when such activitys were acceptable. the book is a journey through Bills life as a young lad, learning many wrinkles from the old bird boys on the way. Its well written and a great read, i found it written in the same way as Phil Drabbles books, i.e educational and yet telling a great story that makes you want to get to the end of the chapter to see how it ends. I would recommend this book for all those that have an interest not only in birds but also the great outdoors and the way life used to be in times past.IMHO this book will soon be sold out as i know Bill had only a short print run and so i am sure within 12 months we will see this publication for sale on Ebay at vastly inflated prices, so my advice is to get a signed copy boubght NOW, while there are some available.

Well done i say to Bill for writing such a great book and i hope he has more in the pipeline.... :good::good: all the best ...JD

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Available to buy on the front page of this site, or from the link in the news section of the forum with discount for members ;) .

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