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post-20256-1223282705_thumb.jpgHad a boundry day late sept this was to get the lads in the shoot together and give them an idea of the ground we shoot over and to get to know each other.We hunted the areas we don't normally go to on a shoot day as it takes to long to walk up and hunt out in one day.this type of day also helps us to find out if the pheasants have wanderd to far from woods we will be driving during the season,we only flushed a few old cock birds on the boundry and none of our poults we hope this is a good sign that the birds are content to stay put around the feeders in the drives We will find out the truth on our walk and stand days anyway the bag for the day was=1grouse 1 snipe 1patrtridge 1hare 10 rabbits.one of the lads took a picture of the bag but i don't have it yet i have one of a similar day we had in jan this year it shows my very worn out spaniel sally next to the bag.

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