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Guest spud.

dont give up yet pal.....next year will be his first proper season so thats when the dog should produce. i have a proven deer dog that loves them and if you need any help mate we can have a run out one night and run them doubled up as im only round the corner to you. and it will give him a good chance and find out the score.


all the best

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if you want to give the dog a good chance dont run the dog until next season.give it some easy slips at the begining of next season.if its not doing it then i dont think it ever will.if you have the room get another pup on now because i dont think the dog will do it imho.good luck!

ps.running it doubled up wont tell you anything about the dog.its already caught a few so it knows what its supposed to do.

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Guest spud.

running double will give it confidence in pulling it and should get stuck in more...and also there should be more prey drive as both want it. you should sharp find out because if the other dogs in the lead and hampers pupping it then you will know for sure!!

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am not tellin him not to double it up.dogs will try harder when doubled up like you said but it is single handed that will give a true reflection on what the dogs doing or what hes not doing.

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I wouldn't be getting rid just yet, my big brindle dog was rehomed as he was a complete winge and 'wouldn't' pull big game, he was ran doubled up at deer, on his own at deer and never wanted to know!!! This dog was always very puppyish and when the lad who had him, could no longer keep him, i decided i'd take him back and jsut keep him as a pet if need be, but in the week following his 3rd birthday everything just clicked, and he's now pulling stuff without probs and looks like he's been doing it all his life!!!! Most likely a late maturing dog for me, hopefully it'll be the same for you too!!!

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Dont give up just yet mate like a lot of people have alredy said dont let him do anything till next season

and just bring him on realy steady only small stuff nice and easy runs just a couple a night on the lamp so u leave him wanting more. double him up on the big stuff for a bit. Nice to know theres lads out there that dont just throw dogs from pillar to post just becuse they are not a wonder dog!!

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At the begining of earlie september 2007 i started to bring my 11 month old dog on. from day one hes made very fast progress and was eagar to please. ive took everything step by step making the progress from pup to dog as easy for him as i could as his confidance grew so did the size of his quarry, untill he had taken everything apart from billie wich i have no intrest in. he quickly turned out to be a reliable dog. UNTILL!! towards the end of the season i noticed a change in him i notice a lot of chances go by that should of been in the bag. then one day a deer put up he ran it a full big feild at striking distance before it hit a fence with my dog literally stood on top of it, even then my once reliable dog still did not hit it. hes now a 18month saluki/greyhound staghound/greyhound put back to a pure saluki and stands at 29". its got my head in knots, :wallbash: any one know wat i should do? :hmm:

try leaving the dog in the kennel for a while, untill the dogs bouncing off the walls :thumbs:

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