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  1. that golly looks like a powerfull dog but are you guys sure hes 120lb! thats alot of weight to move, stop and turn cant see a running dog being a great alrounder with that much weight obviously they have there jobs but whats he like on say a cwd in a straight course?
  2. i think there enclosure is about 500acres, but i dont shoot so for me its about testing dogs wouldnt really want to shoot something that aint wild
  3. i agree with you mate still young and needs a cpl more test yet , you dont make that decision to hastely
  4. we not talking about fixing it im talking about what you do when youve made the decision the things no good and what to do next, obviously if theres a chance to fix you would try it. a good dog man will know when to cut there loses and move on or we would all be running shite dogs on the chance of them changing some may most will not!
  5. would you keep a car that didnt start or a saw with no teeth? no shame in culling a failure weve all had them, better than rehoming them and killing nabours cat or worse, or living a life in a kennel with no work. survival of the fitist
  6. give him an easy slip on his own as hes already done 5 so you get to see what he does quite close up then you know whats happening, hard to except sometimes but if you see him hesitate and miss an easy chance then for me it would be game over if you have other dogs doing the business ,move on and put the time into another pup from proven parents
  7. id run him with an older dog next time so even if he doesnt pull it the other dog will and then he'll get stuck in and show him what to do next time, after that if after a dozen single runs with no sucess at striking i would pts, but only if he has taken them before and now stoped, if hes never taken them single then leave him till next season to see how he does.
  8. hey dont dis the grandad slippers! my favourite chair ,pipe ,slippers , trusty dog and open fire flickering in the inglenook what more could a man want! your just jelous...lol
  9. yeah the difference between now and in 10 month will be huge they really look the part at around 18 month
  10. hes 15month, about 25inch 90lb stunning dog
  11. some women might be good at running dogs but depends on what quarry they run wouldnt want to go out with women if your going after heavy dangerous game, but thats me
  12. the longer i have him the more im getting attached, i dont have house dogs as the wife doesnt like the mess but hes a joy to own and is nice to have a dog bark and growl when a stranger comes to the door i havnt seen one fault with him since hes been here, also hes been castrated. if you need info on the breed pm me and ill let you know of some great sites which have lots of info.
  13. also if he is only interested in a pup theres one male pup available its otis's half brother same father different mother he 12 weeks. this another pic pf Diego
  14. hey mate, ive got a dog who is 15 month old, he is fully trainned and has a high prey drive wanting to chase everything, he was brought up in a friends house whos had a family break up and has moved abroad hence ive taken him back as he's one of mine,he is a joy to have around and i would keep him if the wife would let me, he's gaurdy and well trained with most commands but like most of this breed strong willed when theres something they want to chase! hes never been worked as he was a pet and i dont want to encourage him untill i know where he's going. He is FREE but will only go to a goo
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