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    • By WhiteSalukiBitch
      **sorry for the double post**
      I know I'm probably going to get the piss severely ripped out of me for asking this, but
      Has anyone ever successfully trained a deaf lurcher (from two working parents and I own her 4 year old sister who is an awesome little bunny basher.) 
      Genetically she has potential, but...what do you experts think? 
      She's not a Double merle by the way, it's extreme piebald/white head. Her vision is perfect 
    • By Luckee legs
      Hi to all, so I've never owned a whippet before and have encountered an irritating habit that got worse in the last month of ferreting and was wondering if anyone out there has had success minimising noise during ferreting?
      So he runs prey silently, almost never barks at home so I was very happy going into his first winter, but.... when the ferret slot machine is not paying out fast enough for his liking he yips at the holes he senses are near the underground action. On top of that, if he runs a bolted rabbit to ground again he persistently barks at the hole while constantly looking at me as if to say "get them ferrets over here mate, I've got one for you"
      I've a very experienced collie lurcher who is a dream to ferret with but the whippet seems to make no reference to the good stuff he does. Any ideas on managing this?

    • By Oshea
      Evening all,
      I'm lucky enough to have first pick from a friends litter. He’s crossed his Saluki dog with his Collie Bull GH bitch. I’ve only seen videos of the litter as he’s based in UK. Few different characters in the litter, some sit reluctant off in the back ground others play among themselves two are incredibly forward one more than the other. 
      What key things do you look for when picking a litter? I’ve mostly ran mine on rabbits, reds and some others.
      Go stead,
    • By Deerhound Lurchers Lady
      Just got this stunning little bitch, nearly 12 months old, Deerhound x Bedie grey.
      I used to go out with my dad's Lurchers when I was a kid but I'm a female in my 30's now and struggling to get back into the swing of things.
      I'd love to have this girl knocking down bunnies but I just don't know where to start, I've barely seen a rabbit or and other quarry since I moved here.
      Any of you experts in my area fancy giving me some advice/practical experience (hunting related only) 

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