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Evening men, I don't suppose anyone could help me out with finding a lurcher bitch pup. Am North East England looking for something within a couple of weeks but not fancying travelling miles and miles. I have the option of one to fall back expected to be 24" tts but to be honest was after a one 21" or under to go with my current dog that does a bit everything for me odd lamping mooching ratting on all terrain. Not too picky in breeding more will it do the job but probably more interesting in a little bull x or terrier x rather than a pure runner. I don't want to waste anyones time and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pm me if preffered


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Sometimes you have to travel for pup you want am from leeds drove to Glasgow to Durham an to Wales for dogs in past an I'd do it again if needed a pup hope you find pup your looking for 👍

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Normally I wouldn't mind the travel it's just me temporary circumstances make it a bit awkward at the mo I would say I was more hoping to just not waste people's time saying I've got one in Cornwall. I don't have Facebook so I'd have to get someone else to look. I guess I was hoping someone on here might give me another option to a bull greyhound because locally that usually with saluki as well is all that seems to be around but I've found the joy in the smaller lurchers 

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