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J Darcy New Books..

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On 02/12/2021 at 07:15, FUJI said:

Aye,the man is as keen as anyone I know to be honest Taff & most importantly to me he's honest & trustworthy,that's why I've always got on well with him as I know you do too,honesty & trust goes a long way with me,especially in our game..hope you & the family plus the team of lads are all doing good ? let everyone know I was asking after them please,I'll 100% get myself off my rear end and come see y'all..some of the best day's of my life have been in the company of you both with the mongrels & in the pub too ?..like I said about JD all of you there are top notch,honest as the day is long & could be trusted with your life..my circle of friends is small but the ones in it I know are the right one's ? see you all soon Taff,keep em spinning ?

Yer had some mad times wit the pair of you memories can never be taken away and like you ve said he always been 100 percent bang on wit me had trips wit me and always returned the favour as have yourself I similar small tight circle of like minded lads you know them all that won’t do the boomerang ? trick on me as I try to get them all runs as much as I can  lads on shoot always ask how you are and be good to get together and have some crack few beers and a laugh so when ya up for it let me know and we get it sorted good    PS good title to,a good hunting story 
release the hostages ??????keep marching on ?

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