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stevie e top bloke on here

j j m

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what can i say about this bloke he goes out of his way to help fellow members out,i said if you get any squirrel steve id love some for my young harris he rocked up with a load todau and 4 big pheasents,a big thank you mate your a gent


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Anything to help out mate you're a genuine top bloke who knows his stuff ? plus my freezers full at the minute you sure you didn't want any more rabbits lol ,the bird you have in is stunning and a true credit to yourself shame I didn't know when you when you had a few in ,when your birds ready giz a shout  I've a couple of places where it should  have a few good  flights  ??

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many thanks steve mate i was just telling my mate about you i was telling him about your ferrets and all the land you havei said he is just a down to earth bloke always willing to help any one out,im glad i can call you a friend your a great bloke to know who knows his stuff and is at the top of his game,many thanks again

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Soon has your sorted with a vehicle matey giz a shout and we can meet up and I,ll take you out I've got a few rabbits that  still  need clearing up before I start on them squirrels I've a place I'm sure the farmer won't mind your bird flying when it's ready at whatever his dad's a nice bloke too always has a story to tell ?

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3 hours ago, j j m said:

that is great mate take care spk soon

He is a top lad Jeff 

Helping me out with the feeders 

Means a lot to me 

How's the family Jeff 

And your self mate 

It's been a year on Thursday since I lost Natalie (my daughter) 

Im getting there mate 

I'll have to pop over soon Jeff been to long my old friend 

Atvbjimmy ???

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It would be a sad world if we couldn't help each other ☹️ I've noticed on here there's a lot of good honest people willing to lend a hand or do something for someone regardless of what it is or how long it takes  ,even if they haven't met before and that's how true  friendships are formed ?.Them are the genuine people you need in your lives and a little bit of kindness goes a long way in my eyes?.

Atb Stevie

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hows it going jimmy mate my thoughts are always with you bud ,i know how hard it was for you losing your daughter mate life is so cruel at times it makes us wonder if its worth living it ,but we must go on mate i hope your feeling a bit better in your self now mate,im fecked with arthretis now but just got another harris which stevie saw i will not be going in to big breeding programs like i used to with red tails and falcons and harris hawks just a bird to hunt with she is a beuty i sold all of my birds of prey to my mate on the understanding if i wanted a female back of any kind of bird i could get one he was true to his word so this bird is my own blood line ,olivie i dont see muh of as she is studying law but still see her harlysee much of andre but still live by my self and enjoying life ,take care my good friend and look after your self

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