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A warm one

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48 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

Doing work for Cardiff council... tenants said it was built before they moved in🤣they painted the slabs with that grey factory floor paint🙈 25m2 dug it all out 225mm because the ground was slop...mchulls sandslugs would of struggled getting traction on it 😁

I be back to knock them down and put right ...lifted the old slabs and the f***ing walls moved....more than the leaning tower at Caerphilly castle mun🤣👍

Being doing a hell of a lot for Cardiff council lately ! Worst houses Iv been in and even worse spec 😂 

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8 hours ago, sandymere said:

Some nice young rabbits, gotta get used to getting out in a bit of warmth. 

Tbh mate I'm at it with the dogs most of the year early mornings unless it's too bad.

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6 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

Where the fcuk is this weather coming from? I ain’t moaning as I’m sure when it do turn it will turn bad, but the dales have never been so dry an warm in all the years iv been here 😂😎

I said on the way home the last few years the Dales as had the best summer weather in Yorkshire , last year I can remember the farmers wishing for rain the field were brown, I've not seen a bad winter up there for about 6 years but that was a bad one with snow drifts to the top of the walls with rabbits starving to deaf with some spots never recovering from it.

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