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So this is the story my old Lakeland Russel bitch died beginning of the summer leaving me a dog down i mentioned this to a few of my mates and one of them offered me a pup from a upcoming breeding well the time has come the dog is almost ready here’s the problem it’s a dog I want a bitch i am looking to do some kind of a deal for a bitch pup or slightly older the dog is a pure jagd from imported parents I would prefer a jagd but am open to some other cross now before everyone rips into me for wanting to swap dogs and being some sort of peddler I am not and if I don’t find the right deal from the right person then I will either keep the pup or find it a working home 

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Yeh I have heard that but I have one here already a dog and yes he can be hard work but I’ve got a soft spot for him I’ve been around a few different terriers over the years and for what I do he does suit but I might get another one and regret it

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2 hours ago, fielder said:

What are the reasons for this? 

The ones I know of have been owned by pig hunters and the jagd trait of trail barking doesn't suit, you don't want every pig around alerted to incoming dogs. That and their over the top attitude and dog aggression. I think they would be useful on different game in the USA, but I still wouldn't own one myself. I can barely handle my Parson Russell, lol.

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On 29/07/2021 at 13:29, General lee said:

He’s been here one night is right at home and my three year old has called him hulk


You must be happy with him

nice little dog that … what he makes or does 

is up to you .

id stick with him ?


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