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dog chewing pad

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On 21/06/2021 at 21:18, Chaff said:

well this morning unwrapped dogs foot and just looked red and swollen no sign of any thorns or seeds, so took him to vet who said he must have slipped on rough surface and scraped it and has an infection so got some antibiotics for it.

also said his pads were really dry and recommended some cream called mushers secrete something used on sled dog feet.

so he know getting a twice daily bloody pedicure ?

thanks all for the replys.

Seems a bit of a lame excuse, no pun intended, to me by that vet, I’m sure the dog will make a speedy recovery, atb

Greed has took over the vets profession, a mate had his Border Terrier dog put to sleep a couple of weeks ago, when he asked about it the vet wanted to know how heavy the dog was he told them about 10kg the vet said it will be £170 but if the dogs heavier it will be up to £250, imo they’ve found a way to make robbery legal

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