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Hollow point v Truncated.

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Last year bought 500 rounds of Winchester .22 subsonic 40g hollow point.....so I thought. Shot about 100 rounds, always in the dark with the N/V and everything seemed the same but I thought the rounds seemed louder. Today I was out in the field having a bit of target practice and I thought 'these defo seem louder.' Any ways, as I was loading a mag I noticed that there was no hollow point. First I thought it was a manufacturing fault but looking at the box it says they are Truncated. The box and everything else is exactly the same as a hollow point box apart from it says Truncated where it should say hollow point. In all my years I have never heard or seen these. So, I gets me scales out and weigh 5 of some of the hollow points I have left and all 5 came in at 3.4grams. 5 of the Truncated came in at 3.3grams. Don't know if the difference is in the powder, case or bullet head but they are defo louder, not much, but I notice it. The 100 or so I shot did kill the same. Has any one else come across these?.


Cal. 22 LrSoft pointVelocity : 295 m/sWeigth : 2.59gSet of 2 boxes of 50 cartridges.Special ammunition for...


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