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Move a rat trap

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I’ve got these traps set all the time baited with peanut butter I’ve had reasonable success for about a year now but the last 2 months nothing the rats are stil about as I’ve seen them my question is should I move the boxes to a different place I don’t know anything about trapping so any advice is appreciated thanks 



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Get some cheap granola cereal , trail it through box over trap and put a bit behind trap , rats are super touchy about taking bait from bait cups on traps but will follow a trail and quite often step over trap (and get caught)  to get to bait behind , dont know why just happens 


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One thing you could try is moving things around in the area the rats are active in. If you disturb them and their environment you might get some action in your boxes where they currently are.

Rats often get into an 'autopilot' mode, so if you put things on runs and move stuff around you can get them to investigate bait/traps they've previously ignored.



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