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Cheap Surface Grinder Jig for belt grinder

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My son made up this surface grinder jig using the slide off a scrapped cross cut woodworking saw. The adjustment screw is from a car jack. The rest is out of the scrap pile.

At the moment the blades just get stuck to the platten with double sided tape. A magnet chuck will be added later.


?key=eaf3853ba32809e2d82b820607e54295f9b4510354b01764253d1212246d9ed2-aHR0cHM6Ly9saXZlLnN0YXRpY2ZsaWNrci5jb20vNjU1MzUvNDk5MTU5MDUwMjdfOTMxYWY5ZmE2MF9rLmpwZw%3D%3DP1100278 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">?key=787100f19e1be0689a16347f66a57d4190c71fe6688c2946abf59af76efbbfae-aHR0cHM6Ly9saXZlLnN0YXRpY2ZsaWNrci5jb20vNjU1MzUvNDk5MTU5MDQxMjdfMWQzNjcwNTNmNl9rLmpwZw%3D%3DP1100279 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">?key=e5caf39d9a617568e22d5992eb6910555cf7deecf14f378ee02a373d71185666-aHR0cHM6Ly9saXZlLnN0YXRpY2ZsaWNrci5jb20vNjU1MzUvNDk5MTU2MDI5MjZfMzgyZjk4YTI1Ml9rLmpwZw%3D%3DP1100280 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">?key=67477a411230f472c95be17d0ccaa331d98dbdd94ec2267ceefaf94ac93eb39f-aHR0cHM6Ly9saXZlLnN0YXRpY2ZsaWNrci5jb20vNjU1MzUvNDk5MTU5MDIyMDJfZWMxOTI5M2IzMF9rLmpwZw%3D%3DP1100281 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">

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    • By riohog
      kitchen knives and steak  knives   from bohler n690  and AEB-L stainless     red g10 handles with stainless pins 

    • By GruffaloGriff
      Heard a while back mention of sharpening with MDF wheels but never really paid much attention. I recently thought i would give it a go and turned up a quick MDF wheel on the face-plate of my wood-working lathe. I clamped a makeshift guide to the back of the lathe and worked with the wheel turning away from me. I was blown away by the results! Super sharp paper slicey edge straight off the wheel.
      Decided a dedicated MDF wheel sharpener was high on the list of must haves so started gathering bits. I was lucky enough to pick up an old 8" Makita bench grinder on ebay for £25. Everything else is made from scrap bits so that was all the outlay for the build.
      I took the guards off the grinder, swapped the switch and the power cable around so the on/off switch is effectively now on the back so the grinder can be operated with the wheels running away from you.
      The knife clamp is made from an old door hinge welded to a bit of rod off of some other power tool, hence the nice grippy knob on the end. A 6mm hex bolt through the hinge clamps the knife in place. A cutting of hex bar slides up and down to alter the angle of grind and locks in place with another allan bolt.
      Once set up to the desired angle the blade can be sharpened on both sides and both wheels quickly without altering anything.
      The MDF wheels are loaded with grey polishing compound and jewelers rouge respectively.
      P1100602 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100612 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100604 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100605 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100606 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100608 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100610 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100611 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">
    • By GruffaloGriff
      Here is the UK legal carry Opinel mod slip-joint i have been working on.

      I dropped the point on the original no8 blade and shortened it to 3"
      The slightly unusual shape was determined by the central pivot point and steps in the original blade. You can see this from the pre-assembly pic. Although it looks slightly unusual it has the advantage of giving a shoulder to place your thumb on which actually holds the slipjoint spring in making it even more solid and less likely to fold up on your fingers than a normal slipjoint design.
      Milled brass liners with soldered bolsters and stabilized stag scales, all fixed together with stainless pins with the exception of the brass rivets on the scales.
      P1100490 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100491 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100492 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100494 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">p1100495 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100496 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100499 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100503 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100509 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100513 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100489 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100488 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">
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      aeb-l bohler udderholm , stainless,blade , leadwood handle ,red g10 liners  ,stainless fittings 

    • By GruffaloGriff
      A little something for the Mora fans that don't want a fixed blade.
      104mm Sandvic stainless Mora blade with the classic scandi grind.
      N0 8 Opinel hardware and fitted to red stag antler with stabilized core.
      Phosphor Bronze contact plates to give smooth long lasting action.
      Overall length of knife is 140mm
      P1100485 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100465 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100464 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100482 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100459 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100469 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100477 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100456 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100455 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100460 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100474 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100468 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">
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