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Old air guns

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4 minutes ago, Baldcoot said:

We are all ok cheers Jimmy ,hope your all keeping safe in this crazy times.

Especially your daughter, we get shut down Tuesday till 20th April. At least we got some toilet paper at last 🤣🤣

Cheers for helping the lad out with your sound advice and pictures stay safe everyone atb 

I dont mind BC just wish i could do it for the lad thats all

But just got to much going on at the moment thats all

Im still going to work until im pulled out of my van and told not to

iv got to BC work for my self but with two vans and two cars to keep on the road with insurances and such

it dont take long to empty your bank account lol

would not care just bought the new van lol

it may be standing doing nothing for a while

and we are running out of toilet paper lol


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  • 2 weeks later...

3 in our collection classify as vintage now.


1) An LG527, oh yes, a twin spring demon in .22IMG_20191229_092403.jpg.9fcfdae0c08fdef5cc977bd8602ddd0f.jpg...


Then we have the slightly younger Original 45, an 80s child (1981) in .20




Finally, who doesn't want to be John Wayne? Well live those dreams Cowboy, buy a Phoenix Mk 2, this is a carbine in .177 with Parker Hale (lack of) silencer, now she has a decimeater...



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