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Daz Harrison

Sillosocks Motorised Pigeon Hypa-Flap Flapper Decoy

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Good evening all, Have any of you used the "Sillosocks Motorised Pigeon Hypa-Flap Flapper Decoy" What did you think ? Also could it be used on it's own with no other decoys ? Im thinking for using it on one of my perms which is a bit of a trek 

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 As you've got a bit of a hike,  weight of all the kit is very  important. What with the gun, cartidges , food, drink, nets, sticks decoys ect,  it can be a slogg.   It don't matter what equipment you got or want to use,  If there's birds where you want to set up and your under a line you've got a chance. you could have the most life like decoys but no birds,  you got no chance.  As to whether  you can be successful with one decoy all depends on how good a shot you are to build the pattern and how many birds there are there.

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