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Bill Hayes target sniper

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Have had this fork for some time is possibly the most accurate fork I,ve had in years, but as I,m starting to use less and less flat bands Its been chucked in the fork box since last year thought I would slap on some 1745 natural tubes and see how things panned out, looks a bit mental and have had to put some clear tape on the fork to hold the loops in place but just gone out for a little go and first 5/6 shots down the garden straight through the target spot on, 


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9 hours ago, the monkey said:

Bet the bands are fasterr

Not any noticeable difference really, and I just get pissed off with having to keep redoing the flats every time you start getting going still have a ppsg on flats if I fancy a go, I like the looped tube because you can adjust the power by changing the loop size it doesn’t seem as affected by the cold and lasts a lot longer 👍

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