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vasectomised hob

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i would be interested to hear your views on vasectomised hobs.i paid 100 quid to get a hob done a year or so back and it was a bit of a disaster.he certainly took the jills out of season ok but i couldnt leave him in with the jills because he wouldnt leave them alone for a second.my mate has a hoblet that he runs with his jills all year round.when i took him away from the jills after he had done the business he chattered and fretted continually to the point he was losing weight and condition.i would be interested to know if this is normal behaviour or whether i was just unlucky.

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Well really it is just like keeping a entire hob with them. Only thing different is his pipes are tied up, the hoblet is gelded so wont have any interest in the jills, ragging them and that. Any Vasectomized hobs i have had just behave like a entire hob. I once had a good hob that had bred good young ones gelded, never had a interest in Jills or hobs after that, never effected his work either.


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i run my hob with the jills all season but hes got 10 jills in there to keep him happy , ithink the problem is most guys only have a couple of jills so hes always at them and can mark or cut them and when you take him out his hormones are still running wild so he wants back in beside them 

The answer get more jills LOl 

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