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Hi lads and ladies I was having a few brews with some like minded hunters tonight and this topic  came up? I know there can’t be any

”graffic content” so I don’t expect people to post unless were allowed to on how most of you clean”gut” and process your rabbits.

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just use the tip of a craft/stanly type knife ..in just under the sternam and down 4-5 inch....index finger and thumb in behind the stomach but not the liver if it can be helped ...then drop the lot out...

skinning......pull the belly fur away from the belly skin..then put a knife in up threw the fur and pull towards you.....then using both hands the skin pulls in half one going to the head and shoulders...the other to the hips and back legs....I pull the rear leg fur off first ...but leave the rear feet till last as the front end is the akward part ....old bucks and young harvest rabbits you can pull the hole front end off if not carful....getting the front shoulders threw is the tricky bit especialy with an old buck.....once they are threw ...get the fur down to the feet..then cut the bottom off the feet off....I do this by scoring the flesh and bone then snapping on this line....then just twist the head off..

then its on to the rear feet.....the rrason the rear feet are done last is because they give you something to hold whilst doing the tricky front end....the rear feet are done the same as front..by scoring with the blade and snaping on that line.....then the tail is last.....I do the tail by cutting down either side of the tail and in to the hip area...then I pull the tail off wich usualy brings the last off the lower entrails out...the shit pipe and bladder...

I can skin a rabbit in about a 1 min...as long as its not an old buck....and without using a table or anything..all in mid air

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we were just curious I do process a fair few rabbits every week and I have my ways which  by most part I learnt from some very knowledgeable and very helpful Airgun hunters wayyyy back in the day especially on warm days”push gut “works for me .hate to say it they were from the barmy army😤😤 at the time still friendly lads just keen to see what you fellas do?

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push guts....???

do you mean where they squeeze the guts out from near the arse??

never liked that method...its very ineficiant ....I think you guys out there in oz....would be best using coolers....I would imagin them big plug in things would be ideal for you guys

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Yep.If I’m far from my car it works well to stop them

from being fly blown but for most part I gut them and than straight in the cooler just was wondering how you boys go about it

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Screenshot_20190226-004037_Gallery.jpgIve used push gut a few times when i've not had my knife on me and wasnt going to be home for a few hours but I try to avoid it. Not worth risk of shite and all sorts exploding inside.

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