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Photon Yukon

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I have photon side adjustment button as come loose is there anyway to adjust it please 


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    • By j316
      Help needed the controler wheel on my photon as come loose is there anyway to tighten it
    • By Baldcoot
      Emailed a couple of suppliers of Yukon Photon for a new daylight filter end cap and well peed off ignored by all  .So grabbed the bull by the horns and contacted T,Jacks direct even though the website says trade only.Instant reply confirming what i want on the 17th and here it is already next day .Good service pays dividends in my small world 
    • By kiestone
      I've been interested in some time about investing in a night vision scope and been looking around and I have found that for my price range I have two options: the Yukon photon RT or the ATN X sight 2. They are both similar in price, however the ATN is slightly more expensive out of the two. I've seen them both on airrifleshop.com. I'll leave the links and id love to hear people opinions on what's better, as I'm not fussed paying more for the x sight, its just I've heard the photon RT is mint for the money.
    • By Lee Cotterill
      Hi just bought a new yukon photon 5x42 dose any one no where I can get a cheap doubler for thanks